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training in the rain

Posted in Strongman by Mike on November 13, 2006

Made it to do strongman yesterday

Floor press – we used one of those bars with the hands not quite in the hammer type position. They have a name but it eludes me at the moment. Unfortunately I forgot to record how much, 260 – 270, something like that. It was fun to play with the hand positions. the two that are way in where your hands almost touch feels impossible but it can be a great press when you get it, then you work out from there.

11″ log deadlift – worked up to 320

14″ log deadlift – 305.5, that extra diameter makes it tough

front carry – 430 50ish feet. Luke and I both recall that I did more last time. A quick flip through my blog shows it to have been 470. I seem to recall it as feeling easier at 470 last time than at 430 this time. I think the difference is the sandbags. Last time I was actively training sandbags and that required dealing with pressure on the stomach a lot. This time, I was losing air fast. I think that is the difference.

bottom position squat – worked up to 350. I’m fairly sure this is the most I have ever done with this lift. It actually felt ok. Although if I can bottom squat 350, I should be able to squat more than I have been. I guess it goes back to lifting as a skill in my book.

log carry – 240, Luke had a good idea of carrying the heavy log out and just setting it down, then he threw some weight on and carried it back. It’s a pretty decent exercise.

Luke is switching to Saturdays for Strongman training. I think this will be good for me. I’m gonna have to rework my schedule a bit but am glad to do it. I could see myself trying to make it over to train more often if that were the case.

Lately I have been wrestling with the duel mistresses of strength training and climbing. I’m just having trouble making time for both. I enjoy them both but it seems like it is really a case of trying to do it all. It’s clear one will have to take the back seat at least temporarily, I’m trying to decide which or how. I’m thinking I will have to rotate which one sees more action. It makes it more complicated that I try to get out on the in between days and do other stuff.

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  1. scottbird said,

    This is a great blog. I’ve moved the 99 shades site to its own domain (, which has a few more blogs on that list which may be of interest. In the meantime, I’ll be right here – plenty of reading to do 🙂

  2. Mike said,

    Thanks, Scott. There’ll be alot more reading when I get myold posts all transfered.

    I appreciate the update and will update th link tonight or tomorrow.

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