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That’s gonna hurt tomorrow

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on November 8, 2006

I was going to write this post last night but ran into some technical errors. So it had to wait for today.

Deadlift – Someone there didn’t like me using the steel plates for this and felt I should use the bumpers, so my weights are in kilos.

70K  X 2
120K  X 2
170K X 2
200K X 2
210K X 2
so lemme see I maxed out at 462.97 according to google. Both pulls at 462 we tough. At certain areas in the movement I felt maxed but there were other areas where I felt like I had plenty left.

Push press
80K X 5
80K X 5
80K X 3
60K X 5
60K X 5

Pull overs
112 X 5 X 5
90lbs in plates, I was always taught the easy curl bar is 22lbs

Skull Crushers – not sure when the last time I did these was but it certainly felt like an unfamiliar movement. The muscles are feeling unfamiliar today too, these were what I expected to hurt today.
72 X 5 X 5

rehab curls
20lbs 3 X 10 – alternating arms every ten
I was surprised, my left bicep seemed to be as strong if not stronger than the right, it’s just sore at the bottom of the movement

DB clean and press – more on why I did these in a sec
5 minutes, alternating hands, 50 lbs in plates + bar and collar, we’ll call it 50 though
21 reps per arm, I spent a lot of time trying to retighten the collars and mu shoulders where just spent at this point.

Steinborn lift – just experimenting
4 reps 60K

I realized, while I was at the gym, one oversight in the plan I put in writing yesterday. I put squat and deadlift tests in the space where I would like to do some kettlebells.  My general conclusion was that I will just rotate different exercises in there. The point of that space on my schedule is to be something that takes time, multiple reps, requires some kind of pushing for reps, maybe some cardiovascular challenges. For this workout, I picked the dumbell clean and press.

So, I am sore today but not nearly as sore as I expected based on last week and based on the fact that I haven’t really worked some of these movements. I do have some residual weakness in the shoulders and triceps, so maybe they are just waiting for tomorrow before they start to hurt.

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