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Light jog and plans

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on November 7, 2006

Took a 1.5 mile jog last night. I felt pretty good and haven’t felt like I am doing much for this cycle of training, plus my need for more aerobics has been bugging me.

The Plan:
This has changed many times, some with the help of other some of my own obsessions. About a week ago, here is how it looked, and this is still the core:
Sunday – Strongman or long climb
Monday – rest
Tuesday – Heavy lifting (probably deadlift)
Wednesday – rest
Thursday – Climb
Friday – Heavy Lifting (probably Squat)
Saturday – rest

Where I have rest, it means active recovery, walking, yoga that kind of thing. Not really exercise in the usual sense for me but not really rest in the usual sense for a lot of people. Also, on the heavy lifting days, it was recommended I close the day out with some “heavy cardio” meaning sandbags, tire, kettlebells, things that require resistance.
Not a whole lot has changed from this but there are a couple things:
1) jogging, I have decided that my cardio is really lacking for reasons all their own, so I’m throwing in some jogging to get my wind up. I’m thinking twice a week, probably Monday and Wednesday.
2) heavy lifting, I like to push the weight on some of my lifts but I also liked some of the 20 rep squat stuff and 10 minute test type stuff I played with this year. I’d like to keep some of that included but not really the primary feature of my training. I’m considering alternating the following two workouts.
Max effort deadlift
5 X 5 standing press
10 minute front squat test?

Max effort Squat
5 X 5 dumbbell press
10 minute deadlift

Naturally, there would still be some variation.

Last week I played with my lifts to set my goals for this run. I’d like to wrap up deadifting 500 and squatting at least 450 (although 500 would be nice). I also wouldn’t mind a standing press of 200 but we’ll see. I’d like to get my dips back up to about 30 and I’d like to see my pullups get to 5 consecutive pullups.

I’m not sure how quickly climbing can and will progress for me. At this point in time, I feel like I need to focus on basic skills rather than setting rating goals. So, I’m trying to learn to keep my hips in, to not use my arms more than I have to and to focus on standing tall on each foothold. I think improved ratings will come on there own. Maybe a clean 5.8 by springtime.

For cardio, I’m not really sure what I want. I need to make some goals here. I don’t have a heart monitor so I can’t get my peak HR very easily. Right at this moment my resting rate is 68 but that’s not exactly the most accurate measure. I ran a, roughly, 1.5 mile route yesterday in 16:30. I’d like to bring that down to more like 12:00 but that won’t happen overnight. For the coming months. I’ll say I would like to get the 1.5 mile route under 15 minutes. That may work out to be too easy of a goal but I can always add on to it.
I’m also playing with a jumprope and kettlebells. For the rope, I’d like to get so I can jump for 5 minutes straight. For kettlebells, I’m not gonna sweat the snatch test too much right now. I’m having fun juggling. I’d like to be able to juggle, with fewer than 5 drops, 2 minutes on 30 seconds off for 15 minutes.

So that’s the plan for now. Please feel free to comment.

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  1. Scott Styles said,

    Your plan and weight selection look to me like you are focused on getting stronger over the winter as your primary goal. Is that right?

    My understanding is that the best way to improve cardiovascular capacity while it is low is to work at a heart rate you can sustain for 30-40 minute 3-4x a week. Add a little every week. After 2-3 months you should be at a point where it’s then time to focus on polishing with interval type activity like kettlebells, jump rope, or short runs.

    Intense bursty activity is training a lot of things in addition to your cardiovascular capacity, but if the base isn’t there, you’re putting a lot of training effort in to get something that should be coming from your steady state cardio capacity. Not only that, you just spent all summer doing the intense bursty activity.

    To give you an example, at one point in college I got down to a sub 6:30 mile. I did it by running at a 6-7mph for 45-60 minutes at a time, a few times a week, for a few months. This was along with some weightlifting. Then I tested. I was not “trained” for fast miling, but it was the fastest mile I ever ran, because the cardio base was strong for me.

    Something to think about. I bet you’d also get to a point where you burn 1000 calories a workout if you go at a moderate pace for a longer time period. It wouldn’t be conducive to strength gains though. I could never make any strength gains when doing so much cardio. Although, I never had any problems dropping weight. Kind of a trade off.

  2. Mike said,

    Very good thoughts there Scott, I appreciate it. I’m having trouble getting over that hump between bursty activity and low and slow type activities, I’m also not trying to switch too terribly fast. I am doing strength stuff these next couple months you are right. I’m hoping to follow it up with some, what I’m calling, dynamic training. Meaning that in the next round of things, I’ll try to stick with, primarily, olympic lifts and kettlebells. I’m hoping to make even more of the aerobic portion of my training then.
    Ath this point I’m trying to add in jogging twice a week just to get my body used to it. Right now, my jogs are limited to 20 minutes and very slow. I’m hoping that is I work that two times a week for the coming months, I can develop it to the point were I can handle 45 – 60 minutes thrice weekly. Right now, my body isn’t capable of supporting that.
    Of course, what the body and mind and for that matter schedule can support. Finding that balance between strength exercise, aerobics and climbing is tough. The most I can hope for is to get them to cross over a bit which is a hard thing to do with three totally disparate areas of focus.

  3. Scott Styles said,

    I can appreciate the body not supporting jogging. It’s a lot harder to sustain high impact cardio when you’re over 200lbs. I’m running into that with the DDR and my feet. I know for me the real solution is to use an elliptical at a gym, but I just haven’t been able to bring myself to suffer through the early mornings and boredom. Until I’m prepared to bring my diet in line, it just isn’t worth it.

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