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Strength is a skill prt II

Posted in Gym Strength,Kettlebells by Mike on November 3, 2006

I took yesterday off. I had it marked down as a climbing day but I felt recovering was more important. I was really chomping at the bit to get into the gym and get some good lifts in.

135 X 3
225 X 3
315 X 3
405 X 2
455 X 2
495 X 0
I was really feeling this one out. Early on I was having really trouble finding my groove, nothing seemed to want to go where I thought it should. about 300 I was getting into it. Eachrep after that seemed easier. I got to 495 with mixed feelings, I don’t think I have ever done that before. I could get it to hover a couple inches off the floor. Not going today but next time maybe.

60K X 5
80K X 4
80K X 1
80K X 2

Front Squat
60K 5 X 5 Just feeling this out too

Pull up
3 X 2 bicep was bugging me, I have a horribleimbalance between the arms now

5 X 5

plate pinch curl
10 lbs (2 5s) 5 X 10 just kept alternating

Finally, as Doc suggested, I did kettlebells. Nothing glorious but I liked it and will keep it as part of my post gym routine, just up the amperage as time goes by.
2 minutes of juggling, 2 minutes of rest, four cycles.

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