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Technical Update:Theme changed

Posted in Technical Update by Mike on October 17, 2006

I was having problems with that black and orange theme, something was not quite right with it. The theme that I currently have up is a bandaid.

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Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on October 16, 2006

I bailed on running tonight, too beat and wanted some time at home. Clearly, if I want it to be a priority I’m gonna have to reorganize my workouts.

At the park (I was gonna climb but it’s supposed to rain tomorrow)
jogged for a warm up
150lb bag bear hug 35yrds X 4
150lb bag one shoulder 35yrds X 4 switching shoulder each rep
200lb bag back carry 70yrds X 2 I wasn’ quite able to clean and press it so I had to kinda shuffle it around there. When I started this experiment with sandbags, I had to do the same with 150lbs.

juggle 16kg KB 2 minutes
snatch 24kg KB 2 minutes

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Good training?

Posted in Dinsoaur Style,Grip by Mike on October 14, 2006

I got a good warmup today. Laura and I were out for our 2ish mile walk we do several times a week. Some woman waswaving and hollaring like she knew us. I kinda did the “I don’t know you” wave back. Turned out she had just sold this massive TV to some young guy and the two of them couldn’t move it. I ended up lending hand, I don’t mind. They kept trying to pay me. Moving a TV 50 feet is hardly worthy of pay. I was glad for the little warm up.

Off to the park, motivation was lagging but I got there.
150lbs bag clean and press(withleg drive) back squat X 20
That was a killer, I was shocked at just how winded I got. I ended up breaking it into four set of five to get through. My finger tips are sore from handling the bag.
150lbs back carry 1/4 mile, 1 drop.
I’m not sure this is good training. I can’t see I feel it making me stronger, faster, healthier. It seems more like and exercise in misery than anything. You start to hurt and suffer as it goes on, but it doesn’t mean you actually feel like your getting stronger. It actually seems like there maybe some potential for damage to the upper spine with this kind of thing. I don’t recommend it for anyone else and don’t know how much I will do for myself in the future.
Jog 0.5-0.75 miles, I was smoked, just took the short jog

Grip- yep, did a bit o’ grip this eve
35 (half of 70) block weight with each hand several times. I tried to toss it but only managed to catch it twice with my right hand. I did some basic/nonballistic passing. I also did some two hand lifts with the 40 (half an 80), it went well. I tried one handed and momentatrily broke it off the ground with my right hand but no real lift.
100lbs 2″ one handed deadlift. Five reps with each hand. Toward the end the left hand was failing in a major way.

One one hand I’m not at all looking forward to going back to the gym. I love training outside. On the other hand, I have had a couple coldish days that make me long for a little climate control. It’ll be interesting going back. I really look forward to some squats. I’m sure they will mess with my running, but it’ll be good to get some weight on my shoulders again.

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Close to the ground

Posted in Climbing by Mike on October 14, 2006

Went to the gym yesterday, no chance to get on top rope so I hit thebouldering area again. That went really well. I got sone problems I hadn’t gotten before. Tried some new ones as well. I spent a fair amount of time on the walls upstairs trying to do traverses for my own sake.

Running was sprints for last night, on the soccer field, each segment is half a length:
jog, sprint
jog, sprint
jog, sprint, sprint, jog
jog, sprint, jog, sprint
jog, sprint

I had planned going a little longer but my left hamstring was tightening up pretty bad.

Fall’s here….

Posted in Dinsoaur Style by Mike on October 12, 2006

If you listen to Lewis Black, you know the rest…

Beautiful weather tonight. Cool, slightly cloudy, gusty winds, it really was good training weather. I’m gonna have to bust out a sweat shirt soon though.

Played in the park today, a little the same a little different
Walk one lap around the soccer field
Jog one lap with the tire
Bear hug walk 150lbs sand bag one half length (35-40 yrds) while pulling the tire
Walk half a lap, jog half a lap with the tire
Repeat the above two lines 3 more times
drop the tire finally, carry 150lb sandbags across my shoulders all the way around the soccer field.
Walk half a lap, jog half a lap with the tire
Repeat carry and pull

That was my park workout and it felt like torture. I kinda shorthanded it above but when you think about carry that bag with the tire four times, it gets really hard. 150lbs in a bear hug is a real killer to. The back tire a little but all the air is pushed out of your lungs with each breath, you get a little less back in there on each go. I was spent after each leg of the trip.
I took a shot (actually 3) at cleaning the 200lb sandbag after the above. I got it to a front squat type position but can’t quite get my hands under it to press it overhead. Once I get that, I’ll be carrying that one around the field.

I went home and took a short break and went out for my jog. I did the route that I estimate at 1.5 miles. I try to go for a ten minute mile, nothing to write home a bout but a good casual pace for me. I got in not quite 16 minutes, it could be a misestimate but I’m guessing I did run a tad slow. I have found I tend to tighten up a lot when I run. It’s when I think about relaxing and breathing deeper that I jog more comfortably but it’s still a conscious effort.

Tomorrow, I’m taking another shot at top roping. Afterward it;ll be a short jog. This weekend my big workout will  be on Saturday. Sunday we have plans with friends, hangout, watch football, eat food. I’ll stilll try to jog. Next weekend I’m shooting for strongman. Also, for those of you who know about it. I’m planning on the Gripmas. I haven’t done the logistics yet but it’s the plan.

Also, lately I have been goofing with the site a bit too much. It seems Scott has the luxury of hitting most of the problems I creat. For anyone else who is running into those, sorry. I’m playing a bit much. Feel free to email me or PM me on the boards if you have trouble. I do my best to fix it right away.

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Rest and Recovery

Posted in Rest and Recovery by Mike on October 12, 2006

I took last night off. It was one of those days were the body was achy and whiny, the weather was threatening and I had worked aobut 10 hours at work. I had planned on a light run and maybe a trip around the park with the sandbag and then a real short jog, about a 1/2 mile.
I decided just to take the night off. I had planned on getting in short jogs even on off nights but I decided last night was an exception. Some of the achiest bits were the running bits. Some of that is due to sitting all day, I’m sure, some is due to not being used to running again yet but some is also due to me just not being much of a runner.
Running has just always taken it out of me. When I was in college, I was in ROTC and we had to run three days out of the week in the morning. I remember that by 9am I would be back asleep, in class or not. It got so I could hardly attend my 9am MWF class because I would just fall asleep each time and it wasn’t the classes fault.
So last night I walked close to two miles and went to bed early. It was good for me. My legs feel renewed and happy and I think my body overall is happy with my decision. Tonight, back to the park and a jog assuming it’s not raining too much. In the event of rain,maybe I’ll climb and get in a short run.

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I envy you

Posted in Climbing,Dinsoaur Style by Mike on October 11, 2006

Yesterday was odd to say the least.
I went to the climbing gym with the intent of climbing a real route rather than a bouldering problem. Unfortunatly, during my belay test I tied in through my caribener rather than the two loops on my harnass. Embarssing but I can retest next time. So back to the bouldering area I slunk. I honestly was not terribly into it but I had some successes. Did the usual intros, a couple V1s and my V2 that I like. I continue to fail on a couple that I really feel like an extra inch or two of height would make a whole lot easier. I wore out pretty quick and after an hour was pretty much done.

Last evening, I decided that my run for the day would be with the tire so I opted to run around the park. The entire park is probably about the size of three full soccer fields so I guesstimate 660 – 780 yards. I took one full lap with the tire, walked a half lap then ran another full lap followed by walking half a lap.

When I was done I put my tire away. I had said I wouldn’t do any sandbags but I couldn’t resist. So I opted for a quick 3 C&J with the 100, 150 and then tried my 200. I can get it to the zercher position but no higher, yet.
It was during the sandbag portion of my day that I got the title for this post. A middle agish woman walked by and said “I envy you” to which I gave her a confused look. She said “You’re doing it all”. We had some polite banter and that was it. It was just a strange sentiment. Later, as I thought about it, it made sense.
I have met a lot of people who I could say I envy for their workouts/training/goals/life. Typically, it’s not that I envy the workout but that I envy them for doing something I never thought I could. In most cases I could or still can but I envy them. the only thing that changes this is taking the initiative to do it for yourself.
I envy some of the amazing trips Chris has gone on. I have the rest of my life still to do them though. I have ample time to take trekking trips all over the world and in the case of trekking, although demanding, it’s not a technical and a big wall climb. There is no reason to envy without planning.
If I’m gonna envy someone but don’t have the guts to pay the price, I just have to put that envy aside. Envy is just another tool to get it done or to torture you for as long as you don’t. With any luck I can turn any envy I have into inspiration and hopefully someone else will envy me and then be inspired in the same way.

Technical Update: Comments Work Again!

Posted in Technical Update by Mike on October 10, 2006

It appears that redirecting my blog broke the comments. I’ll have to see what else I can come up with for that one.
They work for now. I’ll try to avoid making that mistake again.

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Technical Update: Comments are broken!

Posted in Technical Update by Mike on October 10, 2006

I don’t know how and I don’t know why.
Thanks to Scott Styles for pointing it out to me. I have to admit I don’t spend a whole lot of time with the comment writing process on this site.
I’ll post when they work again.

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Anvil or Hammer

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on October 9, 2006

So what is this anvil or hammer business??

It’s philosophy, let me try to explain.
I was introduced to the expression via the 1960’s British TV show called The Prisoner. The episode is titled Hammer into Anvil. In the episode the Antagonist (Number 2) tells the Protagonist (Number 6) “Du musst Amboss oder Hammer sein”, to which #6 says, “I suppose you see me as the anvil then”. #2 replies “yes, I’m going to hammer you.”.
The quote come from the famous German Writer Goethe, it means “You must be the anvil or hammer”. The episode intentionally misuses the quote. It was pointed out by Orwell that “The anvil nearly always breaks the hammer”. It is in this spirit that I have named my Blog Anvil or Hammer.
Let ther be no doubt, every person is either the hammer or anvil. No one gets to avoid it and action through inaction is no choice. This particular blog is about my fitness and training, it is not the full story of my life, although sometime life and training can and do mix. It is my desire to be the anvil and to use the exercises as the hammer. With the two together, maybe I can make something useful and maybe I can make some art and if either of the two breaks, I hope it’s the hammer, an old anvil never looks pretty though.

Does that make sense?

So you can find my blog at
You should still be able to see it at the old address if you have always accessed it that way. It’s not really moving, it just has a new phone number.

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