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Posted in Climbing,Gym Strength,Rest and Recovery,Technical Update by Mike on October 29, 2006

First, I want to say that this last week has been really good for me. I obviously took things a little too far, I was overtrained. I wasn’t sleeping or waking up well. I wasn’t becoming rested and there were other signs. Toward the end of this week, I got comments from multiple people that I seemed more awake and on top of things. It just doesn’t pay to keep pushing sometimes.

That said, I’m glad to be back at things again.

Today I went to the climbing gym. I met with someone I have climbed with before and got to meet a few more. Before they showed up, I played about in the bouldering area just to get warm. It was a bit more than I should have been doing. By the time I got around to climbing I had already started to tax my arms. I stil got five or six climbs in but only one was clean (no falls). I was working with only 5.5 and eventualy 5.4s. Fortunately the guys  I climb with are very understanding about letting me hang out (literally) and refresh the arms.

In other news, during the break I have been trying to rework my program. I’m looking forward to some heavy gym lifts. I still want to keep climbing but I would also like some element of aerobic workout in my training. It is a weakness of mine that I think takes from my overall fitness. Through the help of some very smart guys I have ended up with a program that encorporates two days of lifting, one day of climbing, one day that is either climbing or strongman, one day of jogging and two days of down time. Probably the most important thing is to be more attentive to my body than I was for the last round of training.

Last, you may notice Ihave workedthe blog around a bit. I like this theme but had to spend some time in the code to get it validated. So it is now “technically” correct. Which doesn’t neccessarily do what I want, that part will remain to be seen. So if anyone sees a flaw or annoyance, let me know. Just pop in a comment to any post, I’ll be notfied. I also added feed blitz. This is supposed to allow you to recieve and email when I update, that way you don’t have to come back and check every day. Also, feedburner is up and running so if you use a blog aggregator, use the link on the left above my validations.

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