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The coming week in review

Posted in Rest and Recovery by Mike on October 24, 2006

Yeah, that’s right, review.

This week, I am taking off from training. I don’t know that I can recall having done that before but I feel it is needed. I have been training pretty hard lately. I was getting to the point that my spinal erectors were never relaxed and even spasming on occasion. My strength was decreasing and I was starting to feel like crud after each workout. So this week I have banned myself from any gyms or the park. I am taking walks and will do a little yoga but even that will be in total moderation.
So I won’t be posting workouts this week. I will be messing with the site a bit, again, and I will be working up my plan for the coming months which I will post. Beyond that, this is a week of R&R and I’m kinda looking forward to it.

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