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Sandbags on review

Posted in Dinsoaur Style by Mike on October 22, 2006

I’m looking back at my snadbag training, trying to make sure I derived some value from it. My notes aren’t quite as tight as Scotts, that man can document. Ijust read through blog postings and took a little informal poll of them.

In my first work, I used 100lb and 150 lb sand bags for carry of a guestimated 25 yrds. That was on July 21. I actually got into playing with the 200lb sandbag much earlier on tha I thought, July 29. Then I started to get into longer carries more than weight, so I worked with 100 and 150 lbs a lot for greater distance. I have to admit the distance was  nice change from gym lifting. So, it’s not terribly easy for me to measure because my workout wasn’t terribly strctured. For an intro to sandbags, I had a good time, I do believe I got better at it. The fact that I was taking the 150 lb sand bag for a a rde of 110 yards x 2 quite a few times and my final clean of the 200lb bag show some progress. 

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