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Going Up

Posted in Climbing by Mike on October 21, 2006

Made it to theclimbing gym yesterday. Climbed 2 5.5s, then the 5.6 that smoked me last time, smoked me again. After a while I wrapped up with a 5.4.

It’s pretty amazing how tired my arms can get. This time I barely felt the pump, but my arms quit anyway. They were strong during the first time, I think my technique was real strong too. In the second climb I felt myself getting a little tired and I think that’s when I started puting the weight on my hands. By the third, I had increased difficulty, was getting tired and was losing technique. There were times on that third that I would question getting to the top. I could see what needed to be done, my hands were so blasted though that anyweight bearing would throw me off the wall.

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