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Last hoorah

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on October 19, 2006

Today’s workout started a little rough, I didn’t really feel the intense desire to get out there and do it. At the same time, as I had been thinking about training earlier in the day, I began to get a little big headed. I began think, ah I can lift 100lbs too easy, I’ll just start with 150. Those two together are not terribly productive.

The 150 bag thwarted me a couple times before I decided I needed to humble myself a bit and go for the 100 lb bag. That was the right decision. I used that and a little kettlebell juggling to get warmed up and excited to lift. I decide today was the day for 200. First I did a few more clean and presses with the 150. Then up to 200.
200 beat me a few times but not by much. I could lap it and get it to the zercher but got stuck there. One time I got it to the press and the bag settled in on my face. The moment I exhaled and couldn’t get any air back, I was sunk. I dropped back to 150 for some more warmups.
Eventually I felt that any more playing around and the time would be past where I would get 200. So I went for the 200. Once again it settled in, in front of me. No air and not much to do, this time I took it up and over. Sure enough, I completed the lift. After setting the bag down, I was all twitchy with exertion. It took me five or so minute to recover enough to try it again. I did manage to clean it and press it five times total at 200. Some looked better than others. Oh,and when I say clean,don’t think of a fluid one or two pull motion. I would deadlift it to my lap, sit back and settle it in, high pull it to a zercher postion, kinda jerk it onto my hands, then over the head. Some of the presses, jerks, etc over my head were clean, some barely made it and some I actually steped under rather than pressing over.
By the end I thought about going for more but even trying to lift the bag was useless. So I did my usual thing, put the bag and kettlebells back in the car and drove home. When I got home, I put the bag away. Yep put it away. I have been driving around with it in the back of my car. This time it’s locked up in the storage space. Next week, I’m going to rest. Yoga, walks and whatever else will be the program for the week. No heavy lifting or hard running. The week after, I start a new program based around gym training for a few months. Next spring, the bag will return.