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Climbing, climb on

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on October 17, 2006

Made it into the climbing gym today. What’s more, I made it onto the climbing wall finally. Got to climb with a guy I have seen there many times, Wayne, I think, was his name. Middle aged, probably 180ish lbs, very good climber by my eyes. He reminds me of Chris, sticks to routes that are a workout but doesn’t feel the need to prove himself. It was good having someone who knew more than me helping out.

Climbed a 5.5, no problem
5.6 no problem, starting to feel a bit of fatigue.
I decided to stick with 5.6 since I could already feel fatigue setting in
5.6, quit 1/3 of th eay up. My arms wouldn’t work.

took a break, drank water
back to 5.6. About halfway I started failing again. My hands wouldn’t work and the pump was killing me. I hung out on the rope a little, tried to get blood flowing. It seemed like every hold or two I would fall again. I eventually made it.
I called it a day there. three climbs

Technical Update:Theme changed

Posted in Technical Update by Mike on October 17, 2006

I was having problems with that black and orange theme, something was not quite right with it. The theme that I currently have up is a bandaid.

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