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Close to the ground

Posted in Climbing by Mike on October 14, 2006

Went to the gym yesterday, no chance to get on top rope so I hit thebouldering area again. That went really well. I got sone problems I hadn’t gotten before. Tried some new ones as well. I spent a fair amount of time on the walls upstairs trying to do traverses for my own sake.

Running was sprints for last night, on the soccer field, each segment is half a length:
jog, sprint
jog, sprint
jog, sprint, sprint, jog
jog, sprint, jog, sprint
jog, sprint

I had planned going a little longer but my left hamstring was tightening up pretty bad.

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  1. Chris Rice said,

    Any chance you could post a couple pictures of your climbing gym?

  2. Mike said,

    sure thing, thought i might find them online but I can’t. I’ll take a camera next time.

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