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Rest and Recovery

Posted in Rest and Recovery by Mike on October 12, 2006

I took last night off. It was one of those days were the body was achy and whiny, the weather was threatening and I had worked aobut 10 hours at work. I had planned on a light run and maybe a trip around the park with the sandbag and then a real short jog, about a 1/2 mile.
I decided just to take the night off. I had planned on getting in short jogs even on off nights but I decided last night was an exception. Some of the achiest bits were the running bits. Some of that is due to sitting all day, I’m sure, some is due to not being used to running again yet but some is also due to me just not being much of a runner.
Running has just always taken it out of me. When I was in college, I was in ROTC and we had to run three days out of the week in the morning. I remember that by 9am I would be back asleep, in class or not. It got so I could hardly attend my 9am MWF class because I would just fall asleep each time and it wasn’t the classes fault.
So last night I walked close to two miles and went to bed early. It was good for me. My legs feel renewed and happy and I think my body overall is happy with my decision. Tonight, back to the park and a jog assuming it’s not raining too much. In the event of rain,maybe I’ll climb and get in a short run.

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