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I envy you

Posted in Climbing,Dinsoaur Style by Mike on October 11, 2006

Yesterday was odd to say the least.
I went to the climbing gym with the intent of climbing a real route rather than a bouldering problem. Unfortunatly, during my belay test I tied in through my caribener rather than the two loops on my harnass. Embarssing but I can retest next time. So back to the bouldering area I slunk. I honestly was not terribly into it but I had some successes. Did the usual intros, a couple V1s and my V2 that I like. I continue to fail on a couple that I really feel like an extra inch or two of height would make a whole lot easier. I wore out pretty quick and after an hour was pretty much done.

Last evening, I decided that my run for the day would be with the tire so I opted to run around the park. The entire park is probably about the size of three full soccer fields so I guesstimate 660 – 780 yards. I took one full lap with the tire, walked a half lap then ran another full lap followed by walking half a lap.

When I was done I put my tire away. I had said I wouldn’t do any sandbags but I couldn’t resist. So I opted for a quick 3 C&J with the 100, 150 and then tried my 200. I can get it to the zercher position but no higher, yet.
It was during the sandbag portion of my day that I got the title for this post. A middle agish woman walked by and said “I envy you” to which I gave her a confused look. She said “You’re doing it all”. We had some polite banter and that was it. It was just a strange sentiment. Later, as I thought about it, it made sense.
I have met a lot of people who I could say I envy for their workouts/training/goals/life. Typically, it’s not that I envy the workout but that I envy them for doing something I never thought I could. In most cases I could or still can but I envy them. the only thing that changes this is taking the initiative to do it for yourself.
I envy some of the amazing trips Chris has gone on. I have the rest of my life still to do them though. I have ample time to take trekking trips all over the world and in the case of trekking, although demanding, it’s not a technical and a big wall climb. There is no reason to envy without planning.
If I’m gonna envy someone but don’t have the guts to pay the price, I just have to put that envy aside. Envy is just another tool to get it done or to torture you for as long as you don’t. With any luck I can turn any envy I have into inspiration and hopefully someone else will envy me and then be inspired in the same way.