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Gonna Climb

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on October 9, 2006

Started off my Monday back right, yoga. I knew I needed to do it but really wasn’t feeling it. I went through it though.I kinda took it at my own pace. I really wanted to focus on the stretching more than the strength.
I was planning on an involved climbing gym trip tonight. Unfortunatly I ended up with a very long day at work and ran out of time to climb. I had planned on a very short run after climbing (more in a sec) but since I couldn’t climb, I ran, about 1.5 miles at an easy pace. Then I walked it out the same distance. I think the walk was the best thing I could have done. Just standing around for a few minutes before it, I noticed that my quads got all pumped and burned a little bit when I first started moving.
I got more running in than expected but didn’t climb. I will have plenty of time tomorrow to climb so that will be good.

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