Anvil or Hammer

Anvil or Hammer

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on October 9, 2006

So what is this anvil or hammer business??

It’s philosophy, let me try to explain.
I was introduced to the expression via the 1960’s British TV show called The Prisoner. The episode is titled Hammer into Anvil. In the episode the Antagonist (Number 2) tells the Protagonist (Number 6) “Du musst Amboss oder Hammer sein”, to which #6 says, “I suppose you see me as the anvil then”. #2 replies “yes, I’m going to hammer you.”.
The quote come from the famous German Writer Goethe, it means “You must be the anvil or hammer”. The episode intentionally misuses the quote. It was pointed out by Orwell that “The anvil nearly always breaks the hammer”. It is in this spirit that I have named my Blog Anvil or Hammer.
Let ther be no doubt, every person is either the hammer or anvil. No one gets to avoid it and action through inaction is no choice. This particular blog is about my fitness and training, it is not the full story of my life, although sometime life and training can and do mix. It is my desire to be the anvil and to use the exercises as the hammer. With the two together, maybe I can make something useful and maybe I can make some art and if either of the two breaks, I hope it’s the hammer, an old anvil never looks pretty though.

Does that make sense?

So you can find my blog at
You should still be able to see it at the old address if you have always accessed it that way. It’s not really moving, it just has a new phone number.

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