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Big and famous

Posted in Dinsoaur Style by Mike on October 5, 2006

It was time for a park day yesterday. I was having trouble getting motivated so I changed things up a bit.I opted to try to pushthe sandbag clean and press.

100lbs X 3
150lbs X 3
200lbs X 0

The hundred went easy and I kept them moving. It was surprisingly winding. The hundred and fifty was tough but I managed ok. The first couple bombed out, then I hit a groovy and got all three in a row. I don’t think I have tried to press the 200 before. I seem to recall trying to deadlift it and failing. This time things went much better. The deadlift came easy but I was unable to clean it. It was a bit more like a high pull. I would try to get the sandbag up there but it just never got high enough to get my hands under. It will make for an interesting challenge.

Tire drag- I walked all the way around both soccer fields twice. I tried to keep the pace up just for the exercise.

I called it a day there, not much on paper but pretty tough.

Today it’s a half day at work and then off to West Virginia for climbing.

Oter semi technical news. I’ve been tinkering with the site a lot. You can now see my site at I’ll explain that business another time. I’ve been playing a lot behind the scenes.

EDIT: I forgot to mention the whole reason I titled the post big and famous. Silly me. Playing in the park, as I do, I often get people asking me what I am doing, what I am training for or more commonly, “I just gotta ask”. It try to keep it calm, cool and collected but typically they want an answer that makes sense to them. If I say, “I’m just doing it cause it’s fun and frankly very cool”, they kinda give me a funny look, place themselves between me and their children and step away slowly. However, if I say I am training for strongman contests they get all excited and think that is the coolest thing ever. Last night I had one who wanted to knwo my name for when I got Big and Famous. I tried to explain that I have 0 chance of appearing on that TV show but she wouldn’t hear it. So I told here who I was and she was just ecstatic. So, I guess, if nothing else, I made her day. The flip side is that there are a few regulars who just kinda expect to see me by now. The walk by with their dog and wave and I’m dragging the tire. It’s fun in general.

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