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Technical update

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on September 14, 2006

There is a new, minor feature. Just below the search field to the right I inserted a new plugin called time capsule. As my blog nears it 1 year anniversary this will post the update from one year ago. I won’t know what it looks like until it happens but I am hoping for a little link on the side. It may be of more interest to me than you but that’s why I put it in.

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Posted in Dinsoaur Style by Mike on September 13, 2006

Out to the park today, the weather held strong.

Walk around the soccer field
Walk around the soccer field with the tire
Jog around the soccer field with the tire
Bear hug walk 100lbs halfway, set, rest of the way
Walk around the soccer field with the tire
Left shoulder 100lbshalfway, set, right shoulder the rest of the way
Walk around the soccer field with the tire
Back carry 150lbs all the way around (much easier than last time)
Walk around the soccer field with the tire

Sprint half the length of the field with the tire….CRAMP!!. left hamstring just as I hit a stride.

Called it quits there, I’ve been working on stretching it out since then, still hurts a bit. I’m not sure what did it, the cooler weather a lack of gatorade as of late, not enough water….could be  a lot of things.

What I ate, lunch went as described.Had a couple dolmas before dinner. Dinner was whole wheat pizza (make sure you let your dough rest long enough, it makes a huge difference). I’m baking chocolate chip cookies now, I had one and of course a bit of dough. I’m taking them to work tomorrow so I won’t eat them all although I may bake some cookies to take on the plane Monday.

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Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on September 13, 2006

I was still dragging yesterday after the day off. I think all the sitting I was doing was starving some of those muscles. I didn’t feel up to hardcore running about but didn’t want to totally loaf. I was planning on climbing but Laura talked me into playing outside.

Walk around the soccer field
Walk around the soccer field with the tire
Jog around the soccer field
Walk around the soccer field
Walk around the soccer field with the tire

At this point people started to show up for soccer practice. Laura hasn’t quite figured out how this works yet, if you train with weird tools and techniques, you can’t let the publics ignorance intimidate you out of training. She wanted to go. I used putting the tire away as an excuse to clean and press it. I still get a face full of bag from the press portion. I have to jerk it pretty hard to clear my head and get it to my back. I’m looking forward to giving the 200lber a shot soon.
We took a shortish walk on the trail I was walking on frequently last spring.

The weather is looking very mucky for the next few days. I’m gonna try to play outside tonight but because it is definitly supposed to rain tomorrow. I’ll climb then. Friday should be nice for more outside fun..beyond that, hard to say.
I think I mentioned it but my business trip got extended to five days. I’m gonna see if I can’t make it to one of the Bouldering Gyms I saw online twice that week but it’s hard to say. I’m just winiging it. I do plan on eating much Salmon as I have heard that is a staple food out there..mmmmm. I’m also hoping for some good coffee great sushi. So, this army travels on it’s stomach. Speaking of which…

What I ate:
Yesterday I mentioned what I had in my lunch bag and I did eat that as described. When I got home I had another cup of decaf. For dinner we had breakfast burritos (eggs, sausage, lots of veggies, some cheese and salsa). I was still craving sweetness after that so I made a cup of hot chocolate.
Today it was the usual breakfast (lox, bagel, cream cheese). I only had one coffee this morning (forgot the travel cup on the counter). I have already eaten a banana this morning. I have chili and salad for lunch and yogurt for afternoon. I will have decaf at lunch and again at home. Tonight’s dinner will be homemade whole wheat pizza. I’ll fill in details tomorrow.

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Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on September 12, 2006

I had planned on going to the climbing gym yesterday. I woke up and my legs were sore. It’s amazing how you can train hard and then throw in something that seems relativly easy and find out that it is a whole dimenension you have ignored. My legs are still a bit sore, the second day after. I think I will leave the running until next Sunday. Then I can sit on a plane all day Monday in mild misery.
It wasn’t actually the soreness that kept me from going to the climbing gym. There was a small function at work that I was asked to attend, unfortunaly it ran on until 5. That puts me getting out a late, driving home with the masses and everything else gets pushed back. I figured the two together were enough to give me a day off, and it was a pleasant day off. Tonight I will make good on the climb

What I ate:
Going back to Sunday night, after I posted I had some potatoe chips, about a grab bas worth. Not a usual vice for me, not good for me but I’m trying to keep and honest log for myself. I also had another liter of water

bagel with lox and cream cheese, 2 coffees…Have I mentioned each coffee includes roughly 6 oz milk and 1 tsp granulated sugar?
One large bowl of chili, on piece of the cheesey bread I made last night, one spinach salad with a cream dressing
One half bowl cottage cheese
2decaf coffees
At the event I stayed for there was tons fo food and people were pushing everyone to eat. I had two crab balls, small, a small handfull of crab claws and the same of grilled shirmp, no sauce on any.
I had one 8ish oz glass of hot chocolate.
Dinner was pretty late, one bowl pasta, one cheesey bread, one glass skim milk (roughly 16oz) one glass water.
I have a pint of raspberry sorbet in the freezer, it usually lasts about 12 servings for me, I just scrape a but off the top to get over a sweetness craving, I had one of those servings last night.

Bagel with lox and cream cheese, One coffee down, the other will be started soon. I will be eating a cup of yougurt in a minute.
I have a smaller bowl of chili and a salad for lunch, italian dressing this time. I will have my decaf at lunch, I have a banana later.
Tonight will probably be breakfast burritos but I will write all of the that later as well as a confirmation.

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Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on September 10, 2006

I attempted to do the second yoga workout on the Power Yoga DVD. Waaaaaay above my level. I think I will continue to attempt it weekly just for something to strive for but it is definitely a challenge.
I finally went out for a 1.5 mile jog. I’d like to try to do that once or twice a week. The first half a mile was just trying to find my place, the second half mile was an easy glide, the third is the uphill bit and where not running for a long time began to catch up with me. I would be surprised if I got it done in under 15 minutes, I forgot to start my watch though.
I was surprised by how sore I was from yesteday, I noticed my hips and back all day. During the run I noticed my lower abs a lot. The biggest thing was that my ribs were incredibly sore. I think I worked the intercostals in a major way.

What I ate today (second attempt, I appear to have accidentally deleted my first try)
Breakfast, traditional breakfast for Sunday mornings for Laura and I: Whole grain waffles, two maple pork suasages, little butter, little syrup. Two cups coffee*
Lunch: Last leftover piece from my whole wheat pizza, mmm, I’m kinda proud of that creation, I’m gonna make another this week. I meant to eat more but didn’t fit it in. I guess I did have two spoonfuls of the chili I was making. Two cups Decaf*
Supper: ground buffalo chili, I made this with the leftover peppers and onions of the week (I cut fresh veggies almost every single week for cooking), one bowl. I made cheesy bread (mozzarella and butter and dried garlic) with 6″ french loaves (about the size of two stacked poptarts), I ate one of these (two halves, as I cut them in half for this use). 2 16oz glasses of water, 1 16oz glass skim milk,1 16 oz glass british Ale (can’t leave that bottle to sit all week 🙂 ).

I had a liter of water between yoga and running, I was thinking gatotade but Scott’s thoughts got me to go for a water. I thought of gatorade again later so probably mark me down for two “virtual” gatorades. I know I said I wouldn’t change my diet at all but I couldn’t totally resist. I’ll try to at least be honest about it when I make the changes.

There was one dietary change I wanted to mention, I didn’t think of it until today. Up until last week, Laura and I both used gatorade as our sports recovery drink of choice. I bought the powdered stuff and made a liter of it for each. I drank a liter. A liter of Gatorade, pretty much everyday. That stopped last week when Laura thought the Gatorade was causing her some difficulties. So we got some Crystal Lite that we may use now. I still have some powdered gatorade in the cupboard and Wegman’s had a sale on a flat of the smaller Gatorades that is still around here too, but I don’t think I will be drinking as much as before.

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How big is a soccer field?

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on September 9, 2006

According to WAGS it is 40-50yrds X 70-80yards and that seems about right. So each around is from 220 yrds to 260 yrds.
jog around field
jog around field with tire

100lb bear hug walk, set down once at 3/4 of the way
walk with the tire
100lb left shoulder half way, right shoulder halfway
walk with tire
150lbs back carry
walk with tire

Sprints with the tire:
half the length of the field, walk the rest
Sprint the length

Sprints without the tire:
jog half length, sprint the rest
jog half, sprint half, jog half, sprint half
sprint length of the field
Sprint short side of the field, jog long, sprint short

Earlier today we played tennis for about half an hour, practiced serving for about half and hour then played for another half and hour.

Tomorrow I think I will jog and attempt the second yoga workout.

New for me: What I ate today
Breakfeast, egg sandwhich (two eggs, mozz cheese, lox, two slices toasted whole wheat bread)
Lunch, spinach salad, creamy dressing, 1 piece pizza (homemade, from scratch, by me, last night, whole wheat with some sausage, onion and olives)
Dinner, I haven’t eaten yet but I will be making chicken fajitas.
2 cups coffee, 2 cups decaf
pint OJ, small gatorade, liter of crystal light, 500 ml water
I’ll probably have a beer or two later.


Today I bought an LBE (belt setup used by the military to hold stuff) at a surplus store today. I used that to attach the tire so it doesn’t rub holes in my shoulders

bit more climbing

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on September 9, 2006

I made it to the climbing gym last night. It turned out my fingers were really sore, I think it was tendons and the like more than anything else. I think, at this point in my training, that I need two days between climbs for my body to rest. I did get that V2 with the overhang again. I used a little more patience, I missed it the first time just because the fingers quit but I made it the second time. I spent a lot of time trying to hit some new routes, did my usual easy routes as well. There is a route “layback adventure” that I’m gonna work on next time. It requires extensive use of a technique known as the layback, kinda hard to explain right now.

I skipped the hangboard since my fingers were sore. I did hit the rings, 3X2 pull ups. For dips, I have been focusing just on trying to stay up on the rings, I actually achieved a single, slow, painful dip. Layback pullups 3X5. Pushup 3X 10. Laura pointed out that on the push ups I am bracing of my  body and keeping the rings close. I tried one with the rings way out to the side. There is definitely a new element to that. I’m just trying to be patient and gain what I can from it.

Today should show a good Dinosaur workout. I think Laura may even pull the tire with me again.

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Light day

Posted in Dinsoaur Style by Mike on September 8, 2006

Went to the park with the intent to train. They were playing about 5 soccer games of three fields, there were little orange cones marking out the other fields for the kids to play. I don’t begrudge any little kid his soccer game but it screwed with my training. Personally, I am more than happy to aparade up and down in front of the parents, scarring them but Laura was with me and I would embarass her 😉 No surprise there., it’s me.

Still got in my quarter mile with 100 lbs. I got the first third or so in one long bear hug. I had really good position on the bag and didn’t want to set it down. By the time I did, I had lines of muscle pain and fatigue from the base of my back going half way up along the spine and outlining my lats perfectly. I got a “Good on ya'” from an old lady though. Got one carry on each shoulder and two more bear hugs to complete the 1/4 mile. I do believe I smell a weight increase coming on.

We tried to play with our medicine ball a bit but it’s only 12 lbs and I didn’t get a whole lot out of it.

I’m thinking I’ll climg tonight and maybe do a big session on Saturday. I may try to throw in either kettlebell or my first run on the next yoga workout too. We’ll see.

Two notes that are not directly workout related.
Scott had a good comment on the last post about diet. I may try to track a little bit of my food intake here at some point, just to see it on paper…erm, bits.

The week of September 18th I will be on a business trip to Portland, Oregon. Originally for three days, now the whole week. What does that mean to anyone, I have no idea. It’ll be different though. I don’t know how much I will or won’t post and more to my own interest, how much I will or won’t train. I’m traveling light.

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What’s up dog?

Posted in Grip by Mike on September 7, 2006

stupid joke but The Office reminded me of it…

My posting is lagging, work has been busy and unrelenting, so I haven’t been posting from work at all. I’ve been busy with random things at home. You know, life.

Tuesday AM: yoga, great stuff

Tuesday PM: We decided to take an evening and do absolutely nothing, and we did just that.

Wednesday AM: nada

Wedneday PM: Climbing
This went pretty well. They changed up some of my favorite routes, which probably good as I pretty much had them all worked out but liked the practice. The new V1 they put up is pretty dang hard, I question is V1ness, but I’m hardly and expert. The real killer is the crimp you have to pull of with the left hand while massively extending yourself to the right. I bite it right there.
I ‘ve been working a V2 that I conquered the first day (about the fourth attempt) but have not solved since. The last three moves kill me. You climb straight up, no problem there. Then you get to a point with where the hand holds go left and the foot holds go..nowhere. So the feet are off to the right and the hands to the left, the hands are right above each other, as are the feet. Your next hand and foot hold are out to your left. For me it pretty much requires a lunge, catch, swing and set the foot down, other people make it look easy, like climbing the underside of ladder as view from the side. Once you settle in the last handhold is right above your head and back a bit (overhang). Another lunge for me, half the time I make it to this point, half the time I don’t. When I make that final lunge, I just fail to get a good hold and bite it, fall 10 – 12 feet.
It’s not that the problem is above my level, I’ve solved it. I’m just need to work it some more. It’s not may hands failing, it’s a little bit of core and a whole lot of movement. To watch a couple people do it, it’s no big deal. I try to replicate some of their motions and it just doesn’t go the same. This is really my biggest problem climbing right now, I need more practice followed by I need more core. Hand strength comes in third or fourth in the equation for me.
Did my usual hangboard workout, brief, just to hit the hands.
Rings were down because a presentation was being given in that room, no rings this time.
Grip: Seperate from the above, I have been doing some grip but don’t always get it posted. When doing Farmer’s Walk in strongman, my grip has been the huge limiting factor. I haven’t done as much with this as I should. Some of that is because I haven’t touched a barbell in like a month now, ( I guess I did do some front squats three weeks ago at Dan’s) so I need to dust off and dust up the grippers, which I do occasionally. I haven’t been doing as much with farmer holds with my DBs as I should, mostly I’m wussing out on dragging around 200lbs of weights to take them somewhere that I can do this. I have been lifting my 35lb blockweight (1/2 of 70 DB) periodically. I can get it pretty regularly, some days I need a little extra chalk for the left hand. I have also been adding plates, My right hand has been pulling the block with 2 1/2 attached regularly. I don’t push grip too much beyond that because I figure with climbing and all I am at more risk of doing damage than undertraining.

Thursday AM: Yoga
I’m starting to toy with the idea of trying the second workout on the DVD. I still don’t have all the flexibility I need but I’m thinking that trying the second workout once a week or so, in the evening, might be good to push me.
Thursday PM: maybe tennis, almost certainly a sandbag walk will be the order of the day.

As long as I’m rambling. I’m still trying to get my but out to jog. I just can’t find the motivation. It seems like a good run, say, twice a week would make me a healthier person. I just hate running. Still the tire was fun, so I’ll keep that around. In fact, I plan to rig it up a little better to I can make more use of it.

Oh, and a while back, like the end of June, I set out lose and inch off my waist. I haven’t forgotten, I’ve just been to afraid to check. I’ve lost about 5 lbs but I’m pretty sure I failed at my goal. I’m still trying to watch what I eat to a certain degree but more importantly, trying to get some degree of cardio in my program (sandbag walks and so on).

Train like a Girl

Posted in Dinsoaur Style by Mike on September 4, 2006

Kept it light today after yesterday’s extravaganza. I went up to the park and Laura decided to come along. she ran with me while I drug the tire, she ran with the tire some and she invented the meat grinder listed below.
jog tire around soccer field
jog without tire around field

to half way, then backwards back
Down and back with the tire
Meatgrinder: halfway with tire, back w/out, return to tire, take the tire the remaining halfway, take the tire back to the start

I walked with  the tire around the field once between each set.

Laura played with the fifty lb sandbag. I tried doing some one arm snatches at the end and succeeded  in ripping a chunk out of the inner bag. I knew I needed to rebag them anyway but I think I wll be doing it sooner than expected. $60 for a full kit from Ironmind, not bad. Better than those “Ultimate Sandbags”, $80 for one out bag. I hear army duffels make great outer bags but I need the inner bags the most right now.

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