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Down in the park with a friend called five….

Posted in Dinsoaur Style by Mike on September 26, 2006

Gary Numan

So I lied, I didn’t make the climbing gym last night. I just marked it off for the week and went on. I did get yoga in yesterday.


  • Walk with the tire around the soccer field
  • Jog with the tire around the soccer field
  • Bear hug 100lbs around the soccer field, one set down
  • Jog with the tire around the soccer field. I was gonna stop halfway and walk but the little kids playing soccer thought it was the coolest thing ever that I was jogging with a tire and you can’t stop when you have fans.
  • One shoulder walk 100lbs around the field, one set down to switch at halfway
  • Walk the tire around the soccer field
  • Back carry 150lb around the soccer field, this was the best clean to the back I have ever done with this weight, it totally cleared my head without touching it
  • Jog with the tire around the soccer field, by this point my jog was so slow, Laura could just barely not keep up at a fast walk.

Laura is making a nice quiche for dinner
tomorrow is the rock gym
“….I was in a car crash or was it a war
I have never been quite the same…..”

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  1. Chris Rice said,

    Mike- I think I’m caught up on your workouts since I lost your blog address with my HD crash. If you’re not careful, you’re going to turn into a rock climber. We’ll see if we can’t reenforce that love in Oct down in WV – you’re going love real rock after climbing in the gym. Looks like your fitness is coming along nicely – remind me never to visit a soccer field with you. I have to agree with Scott and Dan – it looks like your diet is the problem – I’m sure you KNOW how you should be eating, it’s just very hard to do. See ya soon.

  2. Mike said,

    Glad to see you got the computer up and running again. I heard your warning about backing up files but alas, I have no yet taken heed.
    I am enjoying climbing and do want to keep it a part of my program. It will be interesting and confusing to get on real stone. I’m sure I will miss my pschedelic handholds.
    As for the eating, I really don’t think I do. What I posted is pretty much what I eat on a daily basis, except the cookies they were an anomoly. To me it seems fine. I’mhoping one of you all who has had better luck with controlling your weight can see it and help me see it. I have found there are a lot of obvious things I do wrong that I just plain, don’t see. It’s obvious to everyone else but I guess I just have blinders on or am too drawn into my own way of thinking.
    I’m looking forward to climbing with you and with any luck, I’ll make gripmas, although grip really isn’t my strength.

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