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Home sweet home

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on September 23, 2006

Made it backto Baltimore fine and dandy.
Diet was crap while away. I got some Good Eats when I had time away from the convention, Sushi, Greek and the like. While at the convention that were busy stuffing us and I gave in often.
I didn’t make it to train often, I got to the climbing gym twice, once to Circuit and once to Portland Rock Gym. Circuit was a boludering only gym which has a lot of promise. The problems were tough and that was the one I walked 4 miles to get to. I think that really took it out of me. So I don’t think my climbing was at it’s best. I didn’t totally get into it. I had hoped to make time to get back there. It was only a mile to the Portland Rock gym where I also did Bouldering. I went early in the day to get in on their earlybird prices. I made a point to take my time and climb a long time. I really enjoyed that experience. Climbing the two days consecutivly and taking my time made the skin on my fingers sore.
I felt like the problems I climbed in Portland really challenged me and improved me. The line that came to mind for me was that, easier hand holds permit less than perfect bodymechanics”. If you think about it, it makes sense for lifting too. If you lift with a 2″ bar vs a 1″ bar your deadlift has to be better. Either way, I hope that solving some new problems helps me with some of the problems at my local gym.
For today, I’m mostly trying to recover from the red eye home. I’m also trying to get back to eating the food I like, whole grains, veggies, quality meats. I’m not ecxpecting much in train for today I’ll do something tomorrow but I don’t know what yet.

I’m glad to be back and looking forward to training again.

In other news, Dan Cenidoza earned his RKC certification. Congratulations to him.

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