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Grendel’s coffee

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on September 20, 2006

Back in junior high and high school, my handle of choice was Grendel. so when I walked past Grendel’s Coffee House as I was making my way to the Portland Rock Gym, I had to stop in. i ordered a mocha which turned out great and a turkey sandwich that has the strongest horseradish sauce on it I have ever had. It is awesome.
Anyway, blew dietary guidelines out of the water yesterday but in penance Iwalked 4 miles in 90 minutes to find th Cricuit Bouldering gym. By the time I got there, I was wore out. I tired to climb for an hour with mixed luck. It seems that the problems were even tougher than the new ones in Baltimore. It seems that the climbers out here are much more technical. Poor footwork and technique will stop you on even Intro problems. I was impressed. If I can manage the time I will go back later tomorrow but it seems unlikely. Either way, I have expanded my climbing horizons by doing it.

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