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Time for me to fly..

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on September 18, 2006

Who  was that? REO Speedwagon?

Yesterday I played some tennis. I meant to get more in but it just wasn’t doable. I didn’t quite feel up to sandbags. Kettlebells or a jog would have been good but I was trying to get ready for today. That inclduded: laundry, packing, printing, cleaning and so on.
Today, I seriously doubt I will get to do much of anything. I’ll be on a plane all day. While I’m gone, blogging and traning will be spotty at best.

What I ate:
Waffles (2), bacon (3), 1 coffee, 1 Starbucks Carmel macchiato (220 calories according to, homade chicken tenders (about on breast worth, fried in high temp olive oil, whole wheat breading), 2 slices whole wheat toast.
right now, coffee (2 glasses), package of flavored oatmeal (1), I may do some toast too. Who knows after that.
btw, I have been down about 2.5 lbs most of this week. I’m sure this coming week will goof it up for me but it will be interesting when I return to see if I can continue this trend or if it drops the 2.5 and stays there.

Last Thing: I believe this is the weekend that Dan Cenidoza of BeMore training is becoming RKC certified. If you know him, congratulate him. That is truly and accomplishment.

NOW, I’m off…

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