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Off week

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on September 15, 2006

This has just been a crap week for workouts for me. Nothing to major, some lethargy, that stupid cramp, a little rainy weather. None of them were that big of a deal it just came together poorly. It seems to be something in my head cause it happens whenever I am leaving for a some time. I don’t know if I  push to hard to get workouts in or if I am thinking too much about coming plans or what it is.

Last night, I did nothing. It was a combination of all three excuses above.

What I ate:
Einstein bagels for breakfast –  spinach, egg and bacon panini. Coffee
Lunch – two slices whole wheat pizza, spinach, decaf coffee
Afternoon – banana, yogurt, decaf coffee
Dinner – we were gonna do buffalo burgers but I got lazy so we did omletes, toast and bacon. The bacon was kind of a different one for me, we haven’t had bacon, at home, in a long time.

Dunno what is coming in the next couple days. The hamstring is still tight and bothersome. I tried to do yoga this morning but it was too snug to pull off Downward facing dog.

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