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Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on September 13, 2006

I was still dragging yesterday after the day off. I think all the sitting I was doing was starving some of those muscles. I didn’t feel up to hardcore running about but didn’t want to totally loaf. I was planning on climbing but Laura talked me into playing outside.

Walk around the soccer field
Walk around the soccer field with the tire
Jog around the soccer field
Walk around the soccer field
Walk around the soccer field with the tire

At this point people started to show up for soccer practice. Laura hasn’t quite figured out how this works yet, if you train with weird tools and techniques, you can’t let the publics ignorance intimidate you out of training. She wanted to go. I used putting the tire away as an excuse to clean and press it. I still get a face full of bag from the press portion. I have to jerk it pretty hard to clear my head and get it to my back. I’m looking forward to giving the 200lber a shot soon.
We took a shortish walk on the trail I was walking on frequently last spring.

The weather is looking very mucky for the next few days. I’m gonna try to play outside tonight but because it is definitly supposed to rain tomorrow. I’ll climb then. Friday should be nice for more outside fun..beyond that, hard to say.
I think I mentioned it but my business trip got extended to five days. I’m gonna see if I can’t make it to one of the Bouldering Gyms I saw online twice that week but it’s hard to say. I’m just winiging it. I do plan on eating much Salmon as I have heard that is a staple food out there..mmmmm. I’m also hoping for some good coffee great sushi. So, this army travels on it’s stomach. Speaking of which…

What I ate:
Yesterday I mentioned what I had in my lunch bag and I did eat that as described. When I got home I had another cup of decaf. For dinner we had breakfast burritos (eggs, sausage, lots of veggies, some cheese and salsa). I was still craving sweetness after that so I made a cup of hot chocolate.
Today it was the usual breakfast (lox, bagel, cream cheese). I only had one coffee this morning (forgot the travel cup on the counter). I have already eaten a banana this morning. I have chili and salad for lunch and yogurt for afternoon. I will have decaf at lunch and again at home. Tonight’s dinner will be homemade whole wheat pizza. I’ll fill in details tomorrow.

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