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Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on September 10, 2006

I attempted to do the second yoga workout on the Power Yoga DVD. Waaaaaay above my level. I think I will continue to attempt it weekly just for something to strive for but it is definitely a challenge.
I finally went out for a 1.5 mile jog. I’d like to try to do that once or twice a week. The first half a mile was just trying to find my place, the second half mile was an easy glide, the third is the uphill bit and where not running for a long time began to catch up with me. I would be surprised if I got it done in under 15 minutes, I forgot to start my watch though.
I was surprised by how sore I was from yesteday, I noticed my hips and back all day. During the run I noticed my lower abs a lot. The biggest thing was that my ribs were incredibly sore. I think I worked the intercostals in a major way.

What I ate today (second attempt, I appear to have accidentally deleted my first try)
Breakfast, traditional breakfast for Sunday mornings for Laura and I: Whole grain waffles, two maple pork suasages, little butter, little syrup. Two cups coffee*
Lunch: Last leftover piece from my whole wheat pizza, mmm, I’m kinda proud of that creation, I’m gonna make another this week. I meant to eat more but didn’t fit it in. I guess I did have two spoonfuls of the chili I was making. Two cups Decaf*
Supper: ground buffalo chili, I made this with the leftover peppers and onions of the week (I cut fresh veggies almost every single week for cooking), one bowl. I made cheesy bread (mozzarella and butter and dried garlic) with 6″ french loaves (about the size of two stacked poptarts), I ate one of these (two halves, as I cut them in half for this use). 2 16oz glasses of water, 1 16oz glass skim milk,1 16 oz glass british Ale (can’t leave that bottle to sit all week 🙂 ).

I had a liter of water between yoga and running, I was thinking gatotade but Scott’s thoughts got me to go for a water. I thought of gatorade again later so probably mark me down for two “virtual” gatorades. I know I said I wouldn’t change my diet at all but I couldn’t totally resist. I’ll try to at least be honest about it when I make the changes.

There was one dietary change I wanted to mention, I didn’t think of it until today. Up until last week, Laura and I both used gatorade as our sports recovery drink of choice. I bought the powdered stuff and made a liter of it for each. I drank a liter. A liter of Gatorade, pretty much everyday. That stopped last week when Laura thought the Gatorade was causing her some difficulties. So we got some Crystal Lite that we may use now. I still have some powdered gatorade in the cupboard and Wegman’s had a sale on a flat of the smaller Gatorades that is still around here too, but I don’t think I will be drinking as much as before.

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