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How big is a soccer field?

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on September 9, 2006

According to WAGS it is 40-50yrds X 70-80yards and that seems about right. So each around is from 220 yrds to 260 yrds.
jog around field
jog around field with tire

100lb bear hug walk, set down once at 3/4 of the way
walk with the tire
100lb left shoulder half way, right shoulder halfway
walk with tire
150lbs back carry
walk with tire

Sprints with the tire:
half the length of the field, walk the rest
Sprint the length

Sprints without the tire:
jog half length, sprint the rest
jog half, sprint half, jog half, sprint half
sprint length of the field
Sprint short side of the field, jog long, sprint short

Earlier today we played tennis for about half an hour, practiced serving for about half and hour then played for another half and hour.

Tomorrow I think I will jog and attempt the second yoga workout.

New for me: What I ate today
Breakfeast, egg sandwhich (two eggs, mozz cheese, lox, two slices toasted whole wheat bread)
Lunch, spinach salad, creamy dressing, 1 piece pizza (homemade, from scratch, by me, last night, whole wheat with some sausage, onion and olives)
Dinner, I haven’t eaten yet but I will be making chicken fajitas.
2 cups coffee, 2 cups decaf
pint OJ, small gatorade, liter of crystal light, 500 ml water
I’ll probably have a beer or two later.


Today I bought an LBE (belt setup used by the military to hold stuff) at a surplus store today. I used that to attach the tire so it doesn’t rub holes in my shoulders

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  1. Scott Styles said,

    Man, you did a lot of work.

    Something to think about nutritionally is that you are getting a significant number of calories from liquids. A pint of OJ is around 300 calories. A small gatorade is probably around 100 calories. 2 beers is at least 300 calories, more if you drink good beer. That’s around 700 calories from liquids in a single day. I bet it’s around a quarter of the total calories you consumed today. Given that you want to cut weight and liquids don’t do much to satisfy the appetite, it may be worthwhile to look at lower calorie substitutes for those foods. Or just having less of them.

  2. Mike said,

    I’ll definitly consider that, It has been a consideration in the past. I used to drink tons of soda, my family never drinks water, now I drink about one per week. It may be that in quitting soda, I just substituted other sugared drinks.
    For the first week or so, I’m not changing anything, I’m just recording. Then I’m all over it and I think you are right, liquids are a good place to start.

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