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bit more climbing

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on September 9, 2006

I made it to the climbing gym last night. It turned out my fingers were really sore, I think it was tendons and the like more than anything else. I think, at this point in my training, that I need two days between climbs for my body to rest. I did get that V2 with the overhang again. I used a little more patience, I missed it the first time just because the fingers quit but I made it the second time. I spent a lot of time trying to hit some new routes, did my usual easy routes as well. There is a route “layback adventure” that I’m gonna work on next time. It requires extensive use of a technique known as the layback, kinda hard to explain right now.

I skipped the hangboard since my fingers were sore. I did hit the rings, 3X2 pull ups. For dips, I have been focusing just on trying to stay up on the rings, I actually achieved a single, slow, painful dip. Layback pullups 3X5. Pushup 3X 10. Laura pointed out that on the push ups I am bracing of my  body and keeping the rings close. I tried one with the rings way out to the side. There is definitely a new element to that. I’m just trying to be patient and gain what I can from it.

Today should show a good Dinosaur workout. I think Laura may even pull the tire with me again.

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