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Light day

Posted in Dinsoaur Style by Mike on September 8, 2006

Went to the park with the intent to train. They were playing about 5 soccer games of three fields, there were little orange cones marking out the other fields for the kids to play. I don’t begrudge any little kid his soccer game but it screwed with my training. Personally, I am more than happy to aparade up and down in front of the parents, scarring them but Laura was with me and I would embarass her 😉 No surprise there., it’s me.

Still got in my quarter mile with 100 lbs. I got the first third or so in one long bear hug. I had really good position on the bag and didn’t want to set it down. By the time I did, I had lines of muscle pain and fatigue from the base of my back going half way up along the spine and outlining my lats perfectly. I got a “Good on ya'” from an old lady though. Got one carry on each shoulder and two more bear hugs to complete the 1/4 mile. I do believe I smell a weight increase coming on.

We tried to play with our medicine ball a bit but it’s only 12 lbs and I didn’t get a whole lot out of it.

I’m thinking I’ll climg tonight and maybe do a big session on Saturday. I may try to throw in either kettlebell or my first run on the next yoga workout too. We’ll see.

Two notes that are not directly workout related.
Scott had a good comment on the last post about diet. I may try to track a little bit of my food intake here at some point, just to see it on paper…erm, bits.

The week of September 18th I will be on a business trip to Portland, Oregon. Originally for three days, now the whole week. What does that mean to anyone, I have no idea. It’ll be different though. I don’t know how much I will or won’t post and more to my own interest, how much I will or won’t train. I’m traveling light.

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