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Posted in Grip by Mike on September 7, 2006

stupid joke but The Office reminded me of it…

My posting is lagging, work has been busy and unrelenting, so I haven’t been posting from work at all. I’ve been busy with random things at home. You know, life.

Tuesday AM: yoga, great stuff

Tuesday PM: We decided to take an evening and do absolutely nothing, and we did just that.

Wednesday AM: nada

Wedneday PM: Climbing
This went pretty well. They changed up some of my favorite routes, which probably good as I pretty much had them all worked out but liked the practice. The new V1 they put up is pretty dang hard, I question is V1ness, but I’m hardly and expert. The real killer is the crimp you have to pull of with the left hand while massively extending yourself to the right. I bite it right there.
I ‘ve been working a V2 that I conquered the first day (about the fourth attempt) but have not solved since. The last three moves kill me. You climb straight up, no problem there. Then you get to a point with where the hand holds go left and the foot holds go..nowhere. So the feet are off to the right and the hands to the left, the hands are right above each other, as are the feet. Your next hand and foot hold are out to your left. For me it pretty much requires a lunge, catch, swing and set the foot down, other people make it look easy, like climbing the underside of ladder as view from the side. Once you settle in the last handhold is right above your head and back a bit (overhang). Another lunge for me, half the time I make it to this point, half the time I don’t. When I make that final lunge, I just fail to get a good hold and bite it, fall 10 – 12 feet.
It’s not that the problem is above my level, I’ve solved it. I’m just need to work it some more. It’s not may hands failing, it’s a little bit of core and a whole lot of movement. To watch a couple people do it, it’s no big deal. I try to replicate some of their motions and it just doesn’t go the same. This is really my biggest problem climbing right now, I need more practice followed by I need more core. Hand strength comes in third or fourth in the equation for me.
Did my usual hangboard workout, brief, just to hit the hands.
Rings were down because a presentation was being given in that room, no rings this time.
Grip: Seperate from the above, I have been doing some grip but don’t always get it posted. When doing Farmer’s Walk in strongman, my grip has been the huge limiting factor. I haven’t done as much with this as I should. Some of that is because I haven’t touched a barbell in like a month now, ( I guess I did do some front squats three weeks ago at Dan’s) so I need to dust off and dust up the grippers, which I do occasionally. I haven’t been doing as much with farmer holds with my DBs as I should, mostly I’m wussing out on dragging around 200lbs of weights to take them somewhere that I can do this. I have been lifting my 35lb blockweight (1/2 of 70 DB) periodically. I can get it pretty regularly, some days I need a little extra chalk for the left hand. I have also been adding plates, My right hand has been pulling the block with 2 1/2 attached regularly. I don’t push grip too much beyond that because I figure with climbing and all I am at more risk of doing damage than undertraining.

Thursday AM: Yoga
I’m starting to toy with the idea of trying the second workout on the DVD. I still don’t have all the flexibility I need but I’m thinking that trying the second workout once a week or so, in the evening, might be good to push me.
Thursday PM: maybe tennis, almost certainly a sandbag walk will be the order of the day.

As long as I’m rambling. I’m still trying to get my but out to jog. I just can’t find the motivation. It seems like a good run, say, twice a week would make me a healthier person. I just hate running. Still the tire was fun, so I’ll keep that around. In fact, I plan to rig it up a little better to I can make more use of it.

Oh, and a while back, like the end of June, I set out lose and inch off my waist. I haven’t forgotten, I’ve just been to afraid to check. I’ve lost about 5 lbs but I’m pretty sure I failed at my goal. I’m still trying to watch what I eat to a certain degree but more importantly, trying to get some degree of cardio in my program (sandbag walks and so on).