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Train like a Girl

Posted in Dinsoaur Style by Mike on September 4, 2006

Kept it light today after yesterday’s extravaganza. I went up to the park and Laura decided to come along. she ran with me while I drug the tire, she ran with the tire some and she invented the meat grinder listed below.
jog tire around soccer field
jog without tire around field

to half way, then backwards back
Down and back with the tire
Meatgrinder: halfway with tire, back w/out, return to tire, take the tire the remaining halfway, take the tire back to the start

I walked with  the tire around the field once between each set.

Laura played with the fifty lb sandbag. I tried doing some one arm snatches at the end and succeeded  in ripping a chunk out of the inner bag. I knew I needed to rebag them anyway but I think I wll be doing it sooner than expected. $60 for a full kit from Ironmind, not bad. Better than those “Ultimate Sandbags”, $80 for one out bag. I hear army duffels make great outer bags but I need the inner bags the most right now.

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