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Posted in Strongman by Mike on September 4, 2006

Got a great session in with Luke yesterday. I was a bit more of achatty cathy than usual so I probably drug it out longer than neccessary, but it was good. Got a yoke walk up in the 550s. Luke managed it all in one go while I had to set it down twice. The first time I was just not set, the second time I literally tripped myself. I had gotten a bit wobbley and was crossing my feet over one another and managed to catch my toe on my ankle. I was pretty smoked by then, for that walk, anyway, I rested a minute or probably two and finished it. I did a couple lockouts but didn’t want to get to crazy as I felt like I might have tweaked my back during one of the walks. Luke took it up to, I believe, the 900lb range, which is unbelievable for a 200 lb guy. Pound for pound I was have to be locking out something like 1200lbs to compete with that. I got a variety of farmers walks in which concluded with a decent 20 – 30 ft walk of 256  (I think that’s right 2X100lb plate 55lb bar and heavish collars) per arm. Then we did a few front carries, I believe the last one was 320ish, (45 X 4 and 140 lb apparatus).

A great day, left me tired and a tad sore. I had to clear out my snadbags from my car today so we could g look at furniture and that seems to have done wonders to refresh the back and lose the soreness. A little blood flow goes a long ways. I should probably do some yoga today and I have neglected it horribly and it has great restorative effects for me.

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