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Time Crunch

Posted in Dinsoaur Style,Uncategorized by Mike on August 31, 2006

Working out under the gun a bit today. It came out pretty okay.

Tired drag jog around the soccer field. This was meant as a warm up but became pretty taxing by the end

24K kb, 80 swings in five minutes. Way under past numbers but, I got a good workout in anyway.

125lb sand bag clean, jerk, over head squat (actually on my head) X 5

Tire drag, jogged half the distance, walked the other half. That tire is deceptive.

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  1. Chris Rice said,

    Just a note to let you know I’m still checking up on you LOL. Good to see you’re still climbing a good bit – I haven’t been – to much family stuff this year. Maybe you’ll drag me up stuff at Seneca. Looking forward to it – Chris

  2. Mike said,

    Good to hear from you Chris.
    I’m enjoying climbing but I have a long way to go before I resemble compitance. I had to set Performance Climbing aside for a more basic book, Learning to Climb Indoors. I needs some basic vocabular before I continured on.
    I’m trying to drag the PTO request out of my boss. I’m still planning on Seneca I’ll update you on any significant changes to that. Gotta buy a harnass this week or next.

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