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Climbing Gym

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on August 24, 2006

Mediocore day for climbing today. My hands felt good after yesterday’s kettlebell extravaganza but they concealed more weakness than I expected. Still, got up my Vintros and V1s, struggled at V2. The V2 I like to work really challenges me, it requires good body positition, hand strength and core strength on it’s key move. It beat me today. Eventually I got tired of failing and went and played on the hangboards upstairs.

Etch hangboard

These are cool little toys that I’m surprised more gripsters don’t abuse. You can hang from it or do pull ups.

1. Jugs, these are the easiest. Like a tactial pull up

2. Second easiest for me, you can pinch both sides of the inverted Y shape. I can barely hang at all from this postion

3. Finger holds, you can only fit two or three fingers in these, they are two different depths

4. Crip holds, forget it. I can’t even begin to use these.

On the way in I noticed they had some rings hanging from the ceiling in a side room so I decided I need to play with these. I did a couple indvidual pullups, from kneeling. Then I lowered them to pushup position. That is amazingly hard and an awesome workout
When I initiall asked the guy about them, he gave me a funny look and told me know inverted moves where allowed. I laughed.

After that, I could even climb the easiest intro route. My hands are done for the day.