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Taking it easy

Posted in Grip by Mike on August 17, 2006

Did about half of yoga this morning, I was sore from Kettlebells and was not feeling the stretches. There is no reason to push through the workout if I’m not feeling it. I’m gonna give it another go tomorrow.

Tonight I played a little tennis, mediocore. I need to get some consistency in my serve.

I’ve been playing with my grip a bit. I lift my 32lb block weight (Guesstimated from a 70lb dumbell) about daily. I do some levering daily, I need to stop screwing around with the 10 and just attach the 2 1/2 semi permenently. I dug my grippers out too. T is easier than ever, 1 is easier tha ever, 2 is just out of my reach right now. I need to reasearch but I’m pretty sure I have closed it before. I keep telling myself I will cert on the 3 but never get the motivation to train it. One of these days. I haven’t been bending, I need to work on my wrists a bit first.

Indian Clubs:
I have been playing with my heavy clubs (10lbs roughly) a bit, I need to start doing some of the light rotations that involve the wrist. I have some kinks to work out there. I think a lot of it is my time at the computer, I’m considering a trackball to help too, which makes me think of the powerball. I need to bust that out.
Getting off topic, I want to spend some time and develop a page that explains indian clubs and how they are used a bit better. I have a book from very early in the 20th century that I am working out of. I’m always looking for new stuff on eBay though.

Tomorrow, I climb.

EDIT: Laura says she can lift the 32lb block weight. If it happens, there will be a picture, in the meantime I get to nag here:-)

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