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Posted in Dinsoaur Style by Mike on August 15, 2006

AM – Power Yoga, it was great. I have had some nagging back soreness (I think it’s from loafing all weekend and slouching on the couch) that I worked out. I also figured out what I was doing wrong in my back bends. I still have a lot of work to do. Also started doing side plaunches (sp?) for fun.

Played outside the gym today while Laura played tennis. I even ventured into the gym.

Sandbags – walk, guessing 30 yards and back
50lbs, 0 set down
100lbs, 0
150lbs, 1, right at half way
200lbs – deadlifted three times and managed three or four really short steps
150lbs, 3, just long of 1/3, right at 1/2, just fhor of 2/3 (same spot as first set down)
I’m pretty happy with deadlifting the 200lb bag a few time. I’m working up to a full walk with it. It’ll happen. Once I hit 200lbs, the nature of the bag changes, it takes on a new internal pressure as the boundries of the bag are met.
150 lb sand bag, clean and press attempts
to lap and rock like roll X 3
clean and press X 5 (got slapped in the mouth more than once)
Thanks to Morgan Gunter for doing these so I felt compelled to, good training there.
Turkish getup – eacvh weight is once per side
30lb 2″DB
16K Kb
50lb 2″ DB
24K KB
Doc got me to try it and I did it. I found the dumbell made it a bit less stable and thus more challenging. I may have to keep the TGU in once a week, I have shunned them in the past.I want to try one with an olympic bar next.
2″ DB clean and press 80lbs
got the right no problem, left side was a fight, chalked and nailed it

2 hands anyhow – used the 24k KB for windmill arm and 16K for curl arm, finished in the double clean position. Did both sides, tried the other way around but left bicep was bugging me after sandbag work.
I have no idea what compelled me to do this, I think it was just that I had seen a picture of a guy doing it recently and thought I would give it a try. Most of the pictures show it with a barbell, that is coming.

Pull up X 2
Dip X 8
Roman Chair Situp X 5
repeat all three

Jump rope
2 minute jump, 1 minute rest repeat for three cycles.
Just trying to get some cardio in. a certain amount of skill here too.
Overall, I’m pretty pleased with this workout.

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