Anvil or Hammer


Posted in Rant by Mike on August 10, 2006

did a very short bit of hand intensive workout last eve. have a blockweight that is from a 70lb hex head (guessing 30 -32 lbs) and one from an 80 (35 – 37). lifted the 70 both hands, 70+1.25, 70+2.5, got stuck on the left hand with 70+3.75.
I played around with the 80 but I’m just stuck for now. I’m sure I’ll be able to lift the 70 plus 10 or 15 lbs before I lift the 80, the width is tough.
I also did a little levering but didn’t make it too interesting. My wrists just weren’t into it. I could lever out of the “bottom position” well enough I just had trouble stabalizing in it on the way down. I played with an easy bolt but there was no chance. I will have to do more grip workouts in the future and play around with where they fit in the scheme of things.
Funny, for a while there I was waiting to be asked to leave, this long old blog on Gripboard and no grip training for months smile.gif. The filip side is that I tend to work a little (very little) extra grip into my workouts. Dunno where grips place is in my world but we’ll find it.]]>

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Practice Skills When You Are Fresh

Posted in Rant by Mike on August 10, 2006

Went climbing tonight, just wasn’t quite 100%. I assume I had some residual tiredness from sandbags yesterday. I kept working over a few bouldering routes. Got some good tips from some climbers, worked flagging heavily. Saw a couple guys that were real expert with it, guys that were climbing what I was climbing but only using every other hold. Proof there is always good work there. I definitly have to improve my core strength. Core and a little hand endurance, that will come on it’s own, will help. Any other workouts I do are for me.
May try to squeeze in some grip in a bit. I’ll post later or tomorrow on that.

Oh and bought some shoes. They are used shoes from the rental selection of the gym. They are tore up but they were $10, that’s rental for two trips. So if they last three trips, which I believe they will, I’m good. Plus, I just like the idea of brining my own shoes.

Also, I want some kind of pull up arrangment at home to work on. Most doorway bars won’t hold me. I don’t feel like puttin massive holes in the walls. A tower is probably not reasonable. I’ thinking about something like the tactical pull up bar but $450 seems high. Any thoughts? I do recall seeing some counter levered doorway bars that were sturdy. I’ll look for those later.]]>

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