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Posted in Rant by Mike on July 31, 2006

guess I did 210 clean and press
I tried for what must have been 230 and ended up on my ass, scared the hell out of all. I need to keep working on overhead work more for stability than anything else.
farmers carry
135/hand easy (grip was having trouble though
195/hand easy (probably 20 or so feet)
225/hand easy
245 to a 50ish inch platform
260 to a 40ish inch platform
conans wheel
I think it was 400ish lbs for one rotation, not bad.
Tire flip
eight time, this was probably my favorite/hardest exercise, I just don’t have the wind I need.

I love going to train down at graham’s. I hate the drive but it’s worth it. I like training with different guys, whenever we go down there are 3 or 4 guys already there. Typically they are strong as can be. Gives me something to strive toward. Graham’s always a more than gracious host.
I have found that all the guys I meet in the strength community are gracious. It’s incredible.]]>

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