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I May Be Stupid

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on July 25, 2006

20K hang cleans for warm up, about 20 or so of them

225 Deadlift 30Minutes
going for 60 but considering 50 a good number
RepsTime Remaining
wanted to die

Roman chair situps

Volley at tennis for an hour.

So what’s the deadlift thing all about?
I dunno, it was just something I wanted to try to do. I know some people that are big fans of ten minute tests and that sort of thing. I don’t know why I picked a half an hour. I think I expected that even if i was fresh it would take longer to complete the lift than it did. Once I hit my goal with so much time remaining, it seemed like a sissy thing to just quit. So I drove on. You notice I slowed down as time went on, this was because it got harder (duh) and I got exhausted. I intentionally took a rest every ten reps and I also made sure to return the bar to the floor and stand up straight between each rep.
I noticed that I paid more attention to form as time went on.
That said, I’m not sure I could recommend this to anyone, it was just something I wanted to try. I think I will work in more 10 minute tests and that kind of thing.
Sometime in the next month, I think I will do 350 or 365 for ten or fifteen minutes. Probably not 20 again.

I’m still playing with my clubs tonight.
I got a new one for Doc. He’s probably done it but I find it fun. The back scratcher. Hold the arms out straight, clubs perpendicular to the ground. Just bend at the elbow and let the club glide down the center of your back, wih control, then back to start.
I also like doing various leverings and military press with the clubs locked out parallel to the ground.
I realize these vary from the traditional (primarily british tradition) use of the clubs and I’m not trying to ignore that aspect. It’s just a fun added dimension.

I hope to do yoga in the morn.

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