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Off Day

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on July 21, 2006

I skipped yoga on wednesday, I was trying to work out a regular schedule for it. Boy did I miss it.

Thursday (yesterday) was a horrible day for work outs for me. I was not into the yoga at all, instead of feeling energized, I felt weak and tired. Then I tried to go to Dumbarton and squat, that wasn’t going well at all either. After some crappy squating and trying to find some other exercises that I didn’t already feel exhausted by, I gave up. I went and played tennis for an hour and went home.

This morning’s yoga went much better. Back to the way I know I shouldbe feeling, energized, awake, balanced. It was a good way to wake up. That’s not to say I can keep up yet, but I try. The day I can grab my own hands, behind my back and around my leg, then I’ll be able to keep up. I suspect that will be a very long time.

I think I’ll try to do some sandbags or something tonight.

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