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Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on July 18, 2006

Good times at the gym
warm ups 3 reps with Double Overhand
135, 225, 275, 315,

DO three singles (Grip thing)

Mixed 2 reps each
455 PR

Romanian Deadlift 2″ box with chains (maybe 40 lbs total)
225 3 X 6

2″ DB clean and press 70lbs
3 X 3

2″ DB Row 90 lbs
4 X 3

2″ DB Bent press 40lbs
3 per side
mostly getting a feel for this lift

Plate pinch
3 tens easy
4 tens easy
5 tens fail, so wanted to go though. This will be done by the end of August.
Roman Chair Sit ups 10

deadhang pull ups

I wanted to do some more pull ups but was just plain smoked. It was clearly time to go home.

bit of levering tonight?

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