Anvil or Hammer


Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on July 18, 2006

Good times at the gym
warm ups 3 reps with Double Overhand
135, 225, 275, 315,

DO three singles (Grip thing)

Mixed 2 reps each
455 PR

Romanian Deadlift 2″ box with chains (maybe 40 lbs total)
225 3 X 6

2″ DB clean and press 70lbs
3 X 3

2″ DB Row 90 lbs
4 X 3

2″ DB Bent press 40lbs
3 per side
mostly getting a feel for this lift

Plate pinch
3 tens easy
4 tens easy
5 tens fail, so wanted to go though. This will be done by the end of August.
Roman Chair Sit ups 10

deadhang pull ups

I wanted to do some more pull ups but was just plain smoked. It was clearly time to go home.

bit of levering tonight?

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Sandbags And Yoga

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on July 18, 2006

Still going well with the yoga. I really like it plus, I feel like I have already done something for the day before I arrive at work. I’m surprised by how tight my back is, I assumed my back was loose and my hammies were tight, which they are. I’mjust kinda surprised by how tights and immobile I am. I really believe that the pay off will be there if I just have patience and keep doing it. IT’s not too hard right now cause I’m liking it.

I built my sandbags last night, my new neighbors officially think I am crazy. I have a set of Ironmind bags I bought a long time ago but never filled. I put something like 450lbs of sand into them total.
100 lbs
75 lbs
50 lbs X 4
30 lbs
20 lbs
10 lbs
5 lbs

The reason there are so many fifties is that I plan on those being my primary bag to work with. I left plenty of room in the so the sand can slosh around and screw me up. The 5 and 10 lb bags are ziplocks with duct tape. All the weights are pretty rough, well the 50s should be dead on cause I bought 50lb bags from the store and just dumped a whole bag in there.
Did some lifts to my shoulder and some squats with the bag over one shoulder. Good training there. I also got the Sandbag training course, when I got my bags. I didn’t learn a whole lot from reading it but it could be because I have the benefit of the experiences of people like Dan and Luke and for that matter the Farmstrength lads, and Chris, definitly Chris.
I did like the books idea of buying and old punching bag though. It will be interesting to see how much the bags get used. I told Laura that I no longer have any rainy day/ holiday type excuses. I have Kettlebells, dubmbells, home made indian clubs, snad bags and great yoga DVD. I can train any time. sweet

In orther news I may be having some real legit indian clubs being made. Believe me, you will know if it works out. If so, they may be interested in making some more to sell. I’ll be looking for buyers if that happens. It will be a whole lot cheaper (I believe) that the ones I am currently seeing sold.

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