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You Know It’s Time To Lose Weight When…

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on July 14, 2006

you are walking through the cafeteria and some guy you have never talked to stops and tells you that you look like Chris Farley.
just happened
so think of the famous dance off between Chris and Patrick Swayze when think of me, you know which on I am. troutslap.gif

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Trying To Recall

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on July 14, 2006

I’m trying to recall what I did last night at the gym:

hang clean X 3

80K X 3
100K six misses, totally stalled on progress and even regressed a bit but I don’t know enough about it to know why. The lat one made me feel like I overstretched something in my back.

100K 3X 6
bored, trying to think of something to help my clean

2″ DB press
100 lbs 3 X 3

2″ curl
3 X 6
don’t usually do these, I need to include more of them.

2″ Standing DB Press
40 lbs
kind of a waste. No motivation

plate pinches with 3 tens then 4 tens.

seems like I am forgetting something aftre the shrugs but I can’t think of what is was and don’t have my notebook. This workout certainly wasn’t as good as previous. I was still a little sore from Tuesday and tried to convince Laura that I should go to the climbing gym and she should go to gold’s. Didn’t work. Tonight I will do the climbing gym, I hope.
I’m still sore, especially in my abs from Tuesday.

EDIT: Just rememberd what it was

3 X 3

EDIT2; I shuld have just waited until I got home tonight to do this.

I forgot the best part. I tried the bent press. 40lbs on DB was all. It felt like there was a huge potential for shoulder injury there, you really expose it at the top when you have to lock out. At the same time, if you can keep you ego in check it could be a great exercise to stabalize the shoulder. Which am I ?

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