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Back On Track

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on July 12, 2006

Got back to Dumbarton yesterday
did some warm ups with clean and hang clean with 40K

warmed up to squat with three reps on
bar, bar, 135, 185, 225
during this time Dan and another guy tried to help me bottom out. For some reason I am too tight to really hit bottom. I’m gonna work on stretching out my lower body to bet better squats
20 rep 275
I focused on 20 rather than 25 which was a mistake. It’s a mind game and I played to lose.

Strict press from the rack
185 3 X 3
I basically did three singles then gave myself so rest. Between each rep I would bring the bar back to the rack. Take on step back, takea breath and step back in

Romanian Deadlift
225 3X6

Dumbell Row 90 + DB
3 X 3

One arm clean and press 90 + DB
three reps to each side. Really tough, I was really struggling on the left side, it was a muscle memory issue I think.

Got ready to leave but Laura found some people to play tennis with so I had some free time

10 Roman Chair Situps
3 Full Pull ups (total sto at the bottom)
10 dips
repeat for a total of three cycles. Gave myself plenty of time between exercises

I was beat. I had more time but I was spent. Went outside and laid down in the grass until Laura was done.

In other news, I am slowly working through my Indian Club Book. I tend to read each chapter (so far) at least twice. It’s hard to learn body positioning and movement from a book but I think I am getting it slowly. I’m really interested in getting the data out there again. I’m considering a lot of options but don’t know which way I will go. I want to also check the copyright status on the material.

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