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Moved In

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on July 9, 2006

All moved in. Many thanks to Dan for the help.
DSL is also up and running


all moved in but moved stuff around the apartment. Ran errands.
Played tennis for 90 minutes. I’m actually able to do some volleying finally. Got some good sprints in during this time. My quads actually felt tired by the end.

Went down to the little park near my new place, it’s basically a walking trail with a soccer/lacrosse (LAX in baltimore) field in the middle. Did some tire dragging between some painted lines that I assume layout a LAX field, it would guess it at 50 – 60 yards but don’t know for sure. Took 45 – 50 seconds to make the run at top speed (HA!) with the tire (no weight)
I opened with a couple runs to get the lay of the whole thing.
forty five seconds of work with 90 seconds of rest, repeat
24K KB Snatch
(Repeat a total of three times)

I wanted five cycles but was spent on my third on.

I rested about 5 minutes while putting the KB back in my car and getting my 10K sledge. I used the same settings on my watch as above.
5 sets of ten hits on the tire with each hand. 90 seconds rest between each hand

I didn’t feel the pain of the sledge as much as I thought I would. My hands held up better, I was winded but not gased. I think next time there will be no rest between hands but possibly 2 minutes between hands or, more likley, just a four minute set. Ten hits with each hand then rest until a total of 20 minuteshas passed then start again. I don’t want to get to crazy with this, work myself into.
Also, after I sat down for dinner and got up I could feel the workout I had gotten in the lowest part of my back.

EDIT: Weighed in at 262.4 in shorts after dinner, probably drank about a gallon of fluid (1/2 gatorade, 1/2 water).

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