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A Long Time Coming

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on July 7, 2006

It’s been like a week since I posted. I’ve been busy.
Let’s see
Thursday of last week:
Deadlift workout as I recall. Got a PR on the DL. I got stopped by 455, got it about 4 inches off the ground and just hovered. I think I need to use my glutes more. I can’t recall what all else I did. I have it in the notebook I have started keeping. I haven’t seen it since Thursday though

Friday, a week ago:
Played tennis for a good solid 90 minutes.’

Got keys to my new place. Much moving was done. Some tennis was played.

Moving and strongman
Flipped the tire a few times, did some log cleaning and pressing, failed at contest weight though. Did some Conans carries at or close to contest type weights.

Work and Moving

Moving, gyms closed, wife’s car died

Got a new car, got the wife’s car fixed

moving to make up for the moving I couldn’t do the previous day and half due to car issues and repairmen sucking. Some levering using 10lb sledge with 2.5 lbs magneted to it. Tried with five, felt like 100.

Friday, today:
Dunno, I think I may go to one gym or the other this evening. Some moving has to be done though because tomorrow is the day of furniture. After I move the furniture I want to be all but done with the move. Laura can do a little clean up after that but I want to be done with car trips to and from the apartment. Then I can get started on my new place. I need to buy about 300lbs of sand for starters. I need to fashion myself some sandbags and a bucket of sand for the hands. I need to get to beating up one of my tires with my 10K hammer for a good time. I got all the trimmings for a very nice, dino type gym at my place these days. I wouldn’t mind making myself a cheaper, less cool version of some of the pinch curl/2 hand pinch bars I have seen around but that’s a bit down the road. I would also like to get a hang board. So as you can see, I’ve turned into a needy wuss and having added a car payment to my budget, will be all talk and not action for a while. Still, the sand will be cheap. Good times can be had witha sandbag.

EDIT: I forgot to mention. My internet gets turned off tonight and doesn’t come back until the 11th. My bradband cell connection doesn’t work well at my new place. I’m going to hardwired DSL. So I won’t be updating this weekend either.

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