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Twenty Reps

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on June 13, 2006

I went into the gym today with one thing on my mind, twenty reps with the weight I bailed on last time. I saw a video of Dan Cenidoza doing 25 reps. It was impressive and motivating, there is a moment in there where a look crosses his face that I am pretty sure was him questioning why he was doing it. Last time I had that moment, I caved. This time it would be different. It’s all a mind game.

40K X 5

40K X 5

Clean and Press
60K X 5

135 X 5
185 X 5
225 X 5
275 X 2

275 X 20
I got all twenty, not setting the barbell down, no rests longer than a handful of breathes. It sucked, it was hard and there was alot of bad form happening, butt coming up first.

Strict Press from the Rack
much harder than expected
185 for three single

Strict press from the rack at mouth height (probably four inches higher than before)
failed 185
I have to be careful about holding and releasing my breathe on this. I have to hold it during the exercise or I get crushed but if I vreathe out too fast and try to walk away after ward I about fall to the floor.

Bent over barbell row
thought I would do 225, no
135 X 3 X 6
way too easy.

Dips + 45
for my fellow fat boys, a fourty five will not fit onthe belt comfortably with your fat butt. I suggest only guys with waistline under 40″ use 45s.
3 reps, 3, 1

played tennis for an hour. I played tennis once three years ago for fifteen minutes. Prior to that, the last time was middle school. I was okay in middle school for a middle schooler. My primary goal was to keep it within the fence because I had a problem with that in middle school and the one time I played three years ago, with Laura, we quit after fifteen minutes because I was tired of chasing my own blasted balls. I only hit on out and that was on purpose as it was drilled at me. That doesn’t mean I’m any good but I accomplished my very basic goal.
I’m more athletic than I was when I tried in the past. I could get to the ball I’m just not very good at returning it. We got a couple decent volleys, Laura was humoring me, of about 6 hits each. It made for a good cool down but kept me sweating the whole time.

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Great Session

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on June 11, 2006

Luke and I hit stroongman today and I had a great day.

Log clean and Press
Luke said the log weighs in at about 140
140, 140, 190, 210 (fail jerk), 190, 210, 260 (fail jerk)
I haad much better pressing that jerking but some of those weight are just plain heavy

yoke carry
we were trainig for conans wheel, so we walked with the yoke in the same position. I did a couple little warm up movements
400, 400, 450
This thing presses the air right out of your body I felt I had 10 or 20 seconds of good air, after that I was just wheezing and walking as long as I could convince my body it could. I think Imade it a good 40′. I did set downt he the second 400 once and the 450.

Front squat lock outs

Atlas stone
245 to face level. I almost got the 270 but fought with it.

Afterward Laura and I went for 3 mile walk. I carried my backpack with the 16K bell.

now for it’s time for dinner.

I forgot I did flip the tire a few times. First I thought I wouldn’t be able, it hurt my left bicep like the dickens. I tried flipping a little slower, only deadlifting to waist height then fighting it up.

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The Mighty Whippo

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on June 9, 2006

Bought a knock off powerball last night. Good fun there, I’m sure I will grow tired of it eventually.

Hang snatch
40K X 3

50K X 2
60K X 2

Hang Clean
not feeling as powerful tonight
70K X 3
80K X 2

80K X 3 two presses at the end

Clean and Press
I wasn’t feeling the love tonight. I noticed last time that I was not popping my hips. I think tonight I was over thinking that part and screwing myself up.
90K X 2
80K X 1
90K X 2

Deadlift (all in pounds from here out)
Double Overhand
225 X 3
275 X 3
315 X 3
365 X 1

365 X 2
tried the left hand underhanded one time, boy did that hurt. The tendons were not quite ready but it feels great now. only did underhand with the right hand after this.
405 X 2

Deadlift from a 2″ block Double overhand
365 X 3
gonna have to do more of these. I know Luke does a lot, I have never done them

Dan inspired me to try a 1 handed clean after watching him do it. I decided to keep it light and try to learn the motion
50lbs one per hand
70lbs two per hand, easy for the right side but close to max for the left side.

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Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on June 8, 2006

taking tonight of on account of DOMS

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Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on June 8, 2006

Went for the usual walk last night. I actually paid attention to the mile markers on the trail. It’s three miles for my usual shorter walk. Last night I wore a backpack with the 16K kettlebell in it. Not bad but I have a horrible knot in my left shoulder from it. I worked on it last night and it got better but some of it is still there this morning.

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Not Keeping Up

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on June 6, 2006

Haven’t kept up lately

walk 2 miles
juggle 16K KB for 5 minutes or so
snatch 24K KB 3X10 reps

walk 2 miles

saw Dan at Dumbarton
Hang clean
60K X 3
70K X 3
80K X 3

Clean and Jerk
90K X 1
100K missed 2 hit 1
103K missed 3 cheated up 1

Oly Squats
135 X 5
185 X 5
225 X 5
trying for a 20 rep squat. As soon as I loaded up it was feeling heavy. I think the cleans where a bad idea.
275 X 15
I was sucking wind, all the muscles from my ribcage down were pulsing and cramping, I was starting to see spots so I racked it and sucked wind for about a minute.
275 X 5
each one was a grind

I learned about these in “Train Like a Strongman Volume 1”. It’s produced by Atomic Atheletic and if you aren’t doing pullovers and powercleans, I recommend them and the video. This was my first time doing these. I used an ez curl bar. I have always been told those were 22lbs so that is how I am adding it in.
72 X 5
122 X 3 X 3

Dumbell Press
80 X 5
90 X 2 X 5

Kettlebell swing 24K
3 sets of ten left hand, ten right, ten left, ten right all with midair exchanges.

Now there crap news
first, I weighed myself today 264.4. not as bad as I expected.
last, Laura finally found the tape measure in her sewing kit.
Drumroll please…….


47 1/2 inches around the waist.

I have to say I was taken aback. I was thinking 43 or 44 maybe. I wear 42 inch pants. But measured around the fattest part of the body 47 1/2. I even made Lara measure me again. yep 47 1/2. I can’t quit express in these PG forums what I would like to about that.

The good news. Through all my driving and what not last week (3,125 miles in days) I realized the reason I fail at the weight loss is that I never commit. I have to commit. So that is one of the things I will be trying to do. I will still lift because I like it but I have to lose some weight.

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Kettlebell Expo. Ii Sorta

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on June 3, 2006

I did a second kettlebell demonstration yesterday. I spent several minutes juggling. I have a couple basic moves that I am getting decent at. I finished up with another 5 sets of 10 reps per arm with the 24K. It was a lot harder last night than the night before. I also got 100 consecutive jumps on the jump rope. I don’t have a timer right now. Next time I will go for 110. Last I was going to do some levering, I went and found my dad’s sledge, only 6 lbs. I have never played with a 6lb sledge, it was like a child toy. I couldn’t believe how easy it was.
I had forgotten my parents have a hottub. I got in that last night too. I worked the right thigh that has been giving me trouble ove against a jet. It is feeling better today, still tighter than the left but much better.

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Kettlbebell Expo, Sorta

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on June 2, 2006

am currently headed down I-80 toward Omaha and eventually Des Moines. KJust wanted to brag a bi.

So last night I visited my in-laws. My brother-in-law was there who I could consider a bit of a “Fitness enthusiest”. I have mentioned KEttlebells to him before so I got them out and did a short expo in the backyard. First I showed him what little juggling I can do but I did cut that a bvit short because the lawn was so soft that anytime I droped the bell I left a prety deep impression. Then I gave him the 16K and I took the 24K. We did 5 sets of ten snatches per hand. I was shooting for a minutes rest but would guess it was closer to two minutes. Either way it was a good time and adecent workout.
Tonight I will be doing the same for my family as my mom is curious about kettlebells as well. I’m not trying to sell them to anyone or anything, I just think they are cool and I am enjoying showing them off to my family smile.gif

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Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on June 1, 2006

through the glories of technology I am writing this as we are headed down I-70 west out fo Kansas City. Aren’t laptops cool. I’ve got a broadband connection and some tunes (although it’s my wifes’s pick right now so it’s Duran Duran).
The funeral was yesterday. I apprecite all your well wishes. It went as well as could be expected. There has always been some weirdness, if not animosity, between my mom and step mother. That seemed to be put aside for the day. I got to talk to relatives I don’t see often or is some cases don’t remeber ever seeing. It was some good family time. I feel for my step mother, brother and sister, they are the ones who’s lives involved my father on a daily basis. Mine never did but it was good I got to know him to some degree toward the end. It was largely through my weightlifting I got to know him. He was strength coach for years and when I started lifting I started asking him about things. It was he who got me out of the bodybuilding magazine routines and into the idea of strength training. When I finally started doing some olympic lifts, he was able to offer some good suggestions, unfortunatly by then he was way too sick to really be able to spend some time together on it. He was the only family memeber I ever gave alink to this blog to and the one I would send the videos Dan made to. So he got to watch my progression in strongman over the last few months. He always had lots of great things to say. I don’t know if he liked it or if it was hard for him as he had lost his leg to cancer by then.
It was neat to meet all the old farmers on tha side of my family, I enjoyed shaking their hands and ffeling the firm compact hands underneath. I got my hand from my father, noticed this last time I saw him. We had the exact same hands, kinda small, kinda slender, more palm than finger. Will, his youngest son fourteen years my junior, has his mother’s hands. They may end up being pretty good sized some day. Will competes in Wrestling, Football and Track & Field, although the playstation playing is starting to take it’s toll on him. I would like to be able to encourage him to train, he’s a little young still, but I will probably see what I can do. It will be hard though. He barely knows me and we live a long way apart. Still I’m gonna try to keep in touch and occasionally put in an paarecance and remind him that if he gets to be too much for him mom, I can and will kick his ass.
I’m considering waiting a few years and sending him a CoC Trainer and maybe an IMTUG and/or a Brookfield book. We will see how time plays out though. The funeral is still pretty fresh for everyone and I think it’s a little early to try and get Will into training. Plus with Joe having been a coach in the area for quite a while, he will have plenty of professionals to tell him how to train and keep him going.

That little rant went on longer than I intended.

Anyway, after the funeral we went out for a walk on some lovely walking trails they have in Olathe. we started to get rained on. Fortunatly the wife had the good sense to ignoreme and bring the umbrella a long. So we just sat under the umbrella and watched it rain froa while. I think we walk, at most, 2 and a half miles. I had wanted to do kettlebells afteward but that was pretty much out with the rain. I realize I could have just swung them inside but there is something about doing kettlebells outside that I love, aside from the fact that I can try to juggle them and miss. So I bailed and gorged myself at Applebee’s instead then watched Comnedy Central.
Today we are off to Kearney,NE to see Laura’s famly as long as we are out here. I should get to play with my kettlebells there if for no reason tahn to introduce my brother inlaw to them. It will b efun. After that we are headed to my parents house for anight. My mom is anxious to see these kettlebells she has heard so much about. So I should get some KB action in the next couple days. Then it will be two long days in the car to try and get back to Bmore by Sunday night. So I don’t know how much Kettlebelling I will do then.
I have noticed my hips ar tightening up really bad from all the sitting I have been doing. I haven’t swuhng quite as much as I should be I rteally need to start working the joing mobility and stretching stuff. I’ve also got some weirdness in my right quad. I think one of those deep, painful sports massages would help but I don’t know when I will get a chance. I have tryed the trigger point stuf and had some success with it. The only problem is that I end up chasing the tightness around my leg. It sttarted on the interior part of my thigh. I worked that out then it has slowly migrated outward as i have worked different kinks out. I can’t seem to find the spot for the one I have had for the last two days. I think it’s hiding under some muscle.

We are now passing through topeka now, so I will probably be entering a deadzone for my signal plus I have rambled on long enough.

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