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The Fog

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on June 27, 2006

Today was like lifting in a fog. Not because I was dazed or anything, it was so bleed’n humid! After I went into the gym and got warm I looked around and all the mats were wet lie they just got mopped. It was from humidity. I’m not one for chalking up a whole lot but even I considered chalking the bar or my shirt for squats tonight.

A few 24K kb snatches
squat 135 X 5
225 X 3
405 Walk out

285 X 20
I want to be very, very clear. I do not believe these were a legit 20 reps. In fact, for me they call into question my previous thoughts I had done 20 reps. I was not getting parallel or close in my opinion. Next time I work out and Dan is there, I may ask for some pointers. A) I don’t want to skip myself on my training B) I don’t want to think I can do something then embrass myself when I try to workout with someone.
135 2 X 10
two sets of squats as deep as I could go. I really was not able to hit parallel. I don’t know if you do not his parallel on Olys or maybe it’s a weakness, maybe inflexability.

185 3,1,1,1,1,1,1
I decided I WOULD do nine reps no matter what it took me. Once I start to weaken, the hardest part is returning the bar to the start position, it just seems to come down no matter how hard I try.

Pushpress lockouts, from about mouth level
135 3X3
pretty easy should have gone with 150

2″ Dumbell rows
2.5 3
3 3
3 3
3 3
2 3
Really challenges the hands.

KB snatch 24K
5 X 10
It would take about 45 seconds to get 10 reps for both hands. I took about 1 minute 45 seconds rest then did it again.

btw, last night I did the Doc Indian Club routine. I’m using my 3″ dumbells. Holding one end where you put the weights. I have used spring collars to hold a 2 1/2 lb weight at the end. I also use thd 2″ DB with no weights and or a baseball bat depending on the movements.

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