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Rainy Weekend

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on June 25, 2006

Friday: Nothing. I was gonna hit the climbing gym but Laura was having a crap day so we hung out.

Saturday: 4 mile walk, rainy day. Considerable rounds of levering with the 10lb. sledge. I also did Docs Indian club workout, I’m still using FBBC 2″ dumbells and a baseball bat.

Sunday: It had rained for about 24 hours so I figured strongman was out. Hit the climbing gym for an hour. I have so much to learn, I signed up for a beginner class in July. I can climb the Vintro routes repeatedly and not be challenged. I can hit the V1 routes without fail. I struggle on the V2 courses. I think it’s a body movement thing. I think I need to study more and spend more time on the wall to get it down. The Gym offers an intro to movement class that I may need. V3s seem to be above my grip and strength level. I also learned that I need to spend some time getting my body stronger and getting my limbs strong.

I’m gonna try to hit some handstand pushups and Doc’s Indian club workout tonight.

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