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20 Rep Dead

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on June 22, 2006

Last night I played tennis for about and hour

Today I had a horrible day at work

This evening I got to work out and Dand was there. A very good time. Made up for the crap start to the day.

warm up with some hang clean and press 40K and 60K
225 X 4
275 X 4
315 X 4
365 X 4
225 X 20
This was clearly too light of a weight but the 20 reps caused the posterior chain to get a nice workout it doesn’t normally see. It made a good workout for the hands though.

Dumbell Bench
95lbs 3 X 6
a good workout but a hair light. I will have to figure out how to use my dumbells next time and try to push it to 100

Pull ups
3, 2, 1/2
these suck. I need help

2″ Dumbell Row
70lbs 3 X 6
more of a hands thing than a back thing. A good exercise though

2″ DB 70lb
3 Press
3 Press

Just to be totally clear, on the 2″ dumbell exercises, I am guesstimating the handle ro be 10lbs. I have not weighed it as such.

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