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So Thats What 10 Lbs Feel Like

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on June 20, 2006

Tried to play a bit of tennis yesterday. It had just rained so it was humid as can be and the court was damp with puddles. We tried for about 45 minutes.

Dumbarton tonight:
clean and press
40K X 3
60K X 3

Oly Squat
135 X 3
225 X 3

Walkout 405

Oly Squat
285 X 20
ten lbs more than last time.
This time it looked a little better than last time. I keept the form clean and kept moving pretty well. I kept breaking the numbers down. Got 8, three more sets of four, got 12, two more sets of three, got 16, two more of two, got 17 three more singles.
I have come to believe that if you normally squat one breath to rep and allow yourself some extra breaths when doing the 20 rep squat, if you can do it 10 times, you can do it 20. That may just show how out of shape I am though.

Push Press
185 2, 1, 1
not very good. could have been wobbly from the squats

Bent over rows
150 6, 6, 6
too easy

Dips + 50lbs
3, 3, 3

Pull up
3, 3
dead hang each time

Waddle lifts
After a lot of help from Chris Rice I got my knots all shaped up.
Unfortuantly someone screwed with the loading pin and broke it. The other one has a loop that is too small for my caribener. I have not figured out plan B yet.

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